Going strong? It’s no secret that the couples of Married at First Sight bring the drama every season, and the newest installment of the long-running Lifetime series – which took place in Nashville – was set to be no different. Keep reading to find out all the clues, details and updates about the season 16 cast of MAFS, including which couples are still together, on the rocks, and more.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Jasmine and Airris Still Together?

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While the Nashville natives shared a whirlwind wedding day, Airris revealed by their honeymoon that he was not physically attracted to his new wife. This caused Jasmine to shut down and the pair struggled with creating intimacy in their marriage. 

Unfortunately, the pair decided to call it quits on Decision Day. 

“He has commitment issues. Like, we’ve talked about it,” the cheerleading coach told the panel of experts during the May 17, 2023, episode. “If it didn’t feel right, up and move, and he’s used to ghosting girls. Like, it’s just his norm.”

Before the fateful decision, fans speculated on social media that the couple won’t last.

“Jasmine and Airris – she’s a catch and they’re physically matched but I just don’t trust that he’s as ready as he says he is. Not feeling great about this one,” one Twitter user wrote, seemingly referencing his “reformed and ready to love” status, while another added, “Airris and Jasmine. I think Airris is going to show his f-boy ways way too early.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Chris and Nicole Still Together?

Chris was considered the “nice guy” of the group and while Nicole appreciated him, she was insecure that his feelings for her would change down the line. Chris later admitted this personality trait could cause him to consider a divorce from Nicole. 

“If I say no on Decision Day, it would be because of just Nicole questioning things and not being super secure with things,” Chris told producers during the May 17, 2023, episode. “If she’s just always going to be questioning whether or not I am on the same page as her, it will definitely be a huge wrench in our marriage.”

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Fortunately, the pair opted to stay together on Decision Day. Social media users previously had mixed feelings about the newlywed’s fate – both of whom relocated to Nashville from New York City and Chicago, respectively.

“As of right this minute I think Nicole and Chris could possibly make it work,” one Twitter user wrote, while another added, “Chris and Nicole – uhhh maybe? She will love him but she might be too much for him. Too much energy and goofiness.”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Gina and Clint Still Together?

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To no viewer’s surprise, Gina and Clint decided to get a divorce on Decision Day. 

MAFS fans across the board seemed to agree that the experts missed the mark when pairing the couple together. 

“Clint & Gina thumbs down. He’s an outdoorsy guy, she owns a hair salon, meaning she works on weekends. Bad, bad match,” wrote one social media user, another adding: “#MAFS is back on the BS. Why would they match Gina and Clint? Lol did we not learn anything from Mitch and Krysten?”

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Domynique and Mack Still Together?

Though the couple started with chemistry on their wedding day, by the honeymoon — it was clear the couple was experiencing bumps in their relationship. 

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When it was time to finally move in together during the experiment, Domynique ultimately decided she didn’t want to live with Mack and asked the experts for a divorce.  

The situation only got messier after Lifetime released a teaser in February 2023 for the “biggest twist in Married at First Sight history.” 

“We have Domynique who married Mackinley. And then Clint, [who] married Gina,” the clip announced via Instagram. “What we’re about to show you, has never happened in the 16 seasons of the show, until now.”

In the clip, Clint and Domynique are smiling as they go for a kiss. Fellow season 16 cast member Airris can be seen in the background screaming as they lock lips.

While Domynique didn’t find love with Clint, she did reveal that after Decision Day, she reached out to fellow MAFS season 13 alum, Gil Cuero

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Kirsten and Shaquille Still Married?

While Shaquille and Kirsten had a slow start to their marriage, the pair bonded over their shared values in family and religion. 

In the show’s May 17 cliffhanger, Kirsten gave her answer that she wanted to remain married, but the series did not reveal Shaq’s decision.

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When Pastor Calvin Roberson asked Shaq, “What’s your decision?” the show ended without him giving his answer about staying married to Kirsten.

Unfortunately, Shaquille opted to end his marriage to Kirsten on Decision Day. 

“I appreciate you so much as a person because like, you’re loving, you’re kind,” he told Kirsten during the May 24 episode. “But it’s been very difficult for me, as a man, to really just try to step up to be the man you wanted me to be, that you needed me to be, to give you all of the charms that life has to offer.”

Kirsten updated fans on her love life during the November 29 episode of MAFS: Afterparty. “No new boo, if you would love to refer someone to me, I’m taking referrals,” Kirsten told host Keshia Knight Pulliam, adding that she “circled back” to some of her exes. “Not Shaquille … I went back through my old roster.”

“And then realized why you got rid of them,” the host concluded with Kirsten laughingly agreeing.

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