Not meant to be. Audrey Roloff reflected on not being able to buy Roloff Farms after “complicated” family drama. The former Little People, Big World star called the situation the “death of a dream.”

While participating in an Instagram Story Q&A with fans on Wednesday, June 1, one person asked Audrey, 30, if she and husband Jeremy Roloff ever considered “buying the farm.”

“We tried to back in May of 2020. We shared what we felt comfortable sharing about that in a podcast episode,” she wrote, linking an episode of the couple’s Behind the Scenes podcast.

“Jer and I hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child. It was something he was led to believe was possible. He made it very known to his family and publicly on TV,” Audrey continued. “It became a mutual dream when we got married, and we started working towards it.”

The mother of three reiterated that the desire was “no secret” and they were “very public” about it during their time on LPBW until their departure in July 2018, in their book and on social media.

LPBW's Audrey Roloff Reflects on Not Buying Roloff Farms After Family Drama: 'Death of a Dream'
Courtesy of Audrey Roloff/Instagram

“When we were finally at a point where it was practically possible, we made an offer, but realized maybe it wasn’t meant to be,” she wrote. After noting she and Jeremy, 32, had the intention of “saving” the farm, Audrey continued, “We realized that Jer’s family was not actually as aligned in the progression towards us acquiring it as we thought they were.”

“I say ‘save it’ because every year there has been this threat of having to sell the farm if  … XYZ … As you have maybe noticed with Jer’s family, things can be a little complicated,” the former reality star wrote.

Audrey added it was “incredibly hard” for them to let go of the farm, explaining that they “fell in love there, got married there, helped run the businesses there.”

“We really did think we’d raise our kids there. Like I said, it was the death of a dream,” she said. Audrey explained the farm was like a “third parent” to Jeremy and “wasn’t just a piece of property.”

The lengthy response ended on a more positive note. “The Lord has taught us so much through this ‘death of a dream’ as we refer to it. It’s brought an opportunity for so much growth along with new dreams and a new vision for the future that we are very excited about,” she concluded.

Audrey opened up about the family drama as Jeremy’s twin brother, Zach Roloff, and father, Matt Rolofffeud over the farm.

During the early seasons of LPBW, Matt, 60, and his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, discussed their desire to pass the property on to their four kids. However, the plan appeared to change when fans watched Zach, 32, and Matt’s tense negotiations play out during season 22 of the TLC show.

While it seemed like things had settled between the father and son after Zach and his family moved to Washington from Portland, things came to a head in May 2022 shortly after Matt put a portion of the family’s land up for sale for $4 million.

Matt wrote a lengthy post via Instagram where he said “keeping the dream alive” of passing the farm onto his children was “not meant to be,” and selling the farm was a step toward his retirement. He also seemingly called out his “twin boys” for not “working together toward a possible joint sale.”

However, Zach responded by calling out his dad’s “extremely misguided and false” post and shared insight into the family’s feud.

“My dad is manipulating the narrative right before the season comes out,” he wrote via a comment on Matt’s Instagram post on May 15. “Once again, like he has for most of his life, [he is] not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others. Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fanbase to make himself come out OK [sic]. This post is a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain.”

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