Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West heading for a breakup? Kris Jenner has gone into “crisis momager mode” and is pushing Kim to walk away, an insider exclusively tells In Touch. “If Kanye doesn’t get help now, [Kris] wants Kim to divorce him,” the source says.

“It’s no secret that Kris relishes in a bit of drama … when it doesn’t surround her,” the insider continued. “She’s mad at Kanye for shading her in his tweets and is praying he sorts himself out before destroying everything he and Kim have worked so hard to achieve.”

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Though Kim, 39, hinted in a public statement that she wanted them to “get through this” as a couple, her husband put her on blast in now-deleted social media posts. Kanye, 43, seemingly accused her of trying to cheat on him with rapper Meek Mill and also claimed he’s “been trying to get divorced” because she attempted to put him on a 5150, a.k.a. a temporary, involuntary psychiatric hold.

He also took aim at Kris, 64, as he compared her to the Supreme Leader of North Korea and said she’s not allowed around his children. A second insider told In Touch tension has been “brewing” between the stars “for months.” The outburst has apparently been a long time coming as Kanye’s “resentment” towards the whole Kardashian clan grows.

“He accused [Kris] of leaking information, being sneaky and undermining his presidential campaign movement and GAP deal,” a source said. “He has been feuding with [sister-in-law Kylie Jenner] and Kris over their Forbes stories and has fixated on the ‘billionaire status’ as a point of serious contention.”

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The “Gold Digger” rapper brought up his own net worth when he claimed he’s trying to split with Kim. “Kim was out of line. I’m worth $5 billion dollars and more than that through Christ,” he wrote on Twitter. According to Forbes, his fortune is more like $1.3 billion — but that’s still a pretty hefty chunk of change, especially in comparison to Kylie, 22, and Kim’s questionable billionaire status.

In May, Kylie made headlines when Forbes accused her of misrepresenting her wealth, reporting she was actually only worth “just under $900 million.” As Kanye congratulated his wife on reaching her own billionaire status in June, the financial outlet claimed she too was only worth about $900 million.

Considering how contentious the Kardashian West couple’s relationship seems to be right now, a divorce would take a serious toll on both of their fortunes — but there’s no doubt money is the least of their worries at the moment.

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