He’s clearly got some strong feelings on this one. Kody Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives live-tweeted during the March 24 episode of the series, during which his daughter Aspyn Brown had a tough conversation with her mom, Christine Brown, about the family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Aspyn, 24, was visibly upset by the rather sudden nature of the move, and the fact that she and her new husband, Mitch Thompson, would be even further away from the family after since the couple planned to move to Utah. But Kody, 50, doesn’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.

“Personally, I think that Mitch and @AspynBrown will benefit from having less interference from mother and father,” Kody tweeted that evening. “They need to develop their own family culture. #SisterWives.” It’s fair that there’s something to be said for a married couple establishing their own unit away from their families after their wedding, but the term “less interference” seems a little harsh to us, tbh.


Mitch, 27, and Aspyn got married on June 17, 2018. They were married at a venue called La Caille and only about 120 guests were in attendance. Immediately after the wedding, the Brown family had to get right back to planning their big Flagstaff move. Meanwhile, it seems like Aspyn and Mitch are moving away from Las Vegas as well, at least according to an Instagram update Aspyn made on March 24. The caption read, in part, “Mitch and I have decided to spend the rest of our time here doing the things we have always wanted to do” and included the hashtag, “#moving.”

Fans in the comments of Kody’s post didn’t seem to agree with his point of view — or at least, they didn’t feel he was coming by it totally honestly. “If that’s the case then maybe Robyn doesn’t need to be so close to her son and family as well!!!” one person wrote, referring to Kody’s fourth wife and one of her kids who is attending Northern Arizona University in — you guessed it! — Flagstaff. Another called him out when they replied, “She is super smart and logical. What are you always searching for?” referring to Aspyn’s line of questioning to her mom during the episode.

Regardless of what Kody may think of Aspyn and Mitch’s relationship with her parents, they’re almost certainly seeing less of each other these days. The Browns are now in Arizona and will likely be there for at least a few years. Guess Kody won’t be able to “interfere” too much with Aspyn now that they’re so far away.

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