Are John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett expecting baby No. 1? The couple recently returned to Instagram to celebrate the first anniversary of their engagement, and now fans suspect they may have another announcement on the way. On Monday, July 29, the couple took to the social media site to share that they’d made the trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for #OSH19, which EAA calls “the world’s greatest aviation celebration.” While sharing photos from the fun, one particular image caught fans’ eyes.

In the photos, John, 29, and Abbie, 27, are grinning for the cameras, but it’s their pose that is raising questions. The pilot is standing behind his bride with his arms wrapped around her. Her hands are on top of his, but both of them are seemingly resting their hands on her stomach. You can imagine the conclusions that fans were quick to draw. “I thought this was a pregnancy announcement! 😂” wrote one in the comments. “Me too, lol,” agreed another. “I got super excited.”

John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett
Courtesy of John David and Abbie Duggar/Instagram

The speculation just kept coming. “By the way they both are holding her stomach, she could be, 👀” one follower commented. Not everyone was convinced, though. “My husband and I pose like this ALLL the time, and we’ve been married over a year now but aren’t pregnant yet,” contributed one follower. “This says nothing except they love each other. 😊”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the couple’s faced pregnancy speculation. Back in December, fans wondered if they’d have a honeymoon baby like some of the other Duggar couples have. When a bump failed to materialize, though, that rumor was put to rest. Now, it seems like there might be a little more weight to the theories. After their social media hiatus, it would make sense for the couple to become more active on Instagram ahead of a special announcement. Of course, considering the fact that John and Abbie don’t want to have a whole compound full of kids, it also might mean nothing at all.

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