The saga continues! Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick called out costar Deena Cortese after the meatball said she wants to keep her distance from the Staten Island native following her wedding drama.

“I’m not involved in anything the girl retweeted a tweet of mine … I don’t talk to her … trust me I want to be as far away from any of these people as possible,” Deena tweeted on Tuesday, July 21, after a follower asked if she was involved in Angelina’s beef with a former friend named Alana.

“She’s referring to you too, Ang,” one fan wrote in response to Deena’s message. “Oh well she’s gotta film with me so she really can’t stay farrrrr away it’s she was referring to me,” Angelina wrote in response. “So yeah there’s that. LOL. @DeenaNicoleMTV I really hope [you] meant others and not me.”

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Previously, Angelina’s ex-friend retweeted one of Deena’s posts, causing fans to wonder fi the two were in cahoots. Although Deena assured fans they were not in touch, Angelina also confirmed her issues with both women are unrelated. “My ex friend only retweeted something @DeenaNicoleMTV said about me. Deena wasn’t involved with her. Wanted to clear that up. It’s sad that Alana won’t leave me alone and is trying to keep around Deena, Nicole [“Snooki” Polizzi] and Jenni [“JWoww” Farley] clearly for fame. I think everyone should block her now.”

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With all the drama surrounding Angelina’s friendships, on and off Jersey Shore, one user asked the brunette beauty if she can “keep a friend,” to which she responded, “I actually have many friends LOL. Just not a few from my wedding now. LOL.” Following her reply, another user asked why her other friends weren’t in her “wedding party instead” of the pals she selected. “Because at the time I thought the ones I chose were real and were my true friends,” Angelina revealed. “I was very wrong.”

While Angelina has always had her ups and downs with her Jersey Shore costars, their most recent feud stems from the speech Deena, Jenni and Nicole gave at her November 2019 wedding to Chris Larangeira, which aired on MTV. The girls made several controversial jokes, including calling the bride “the dump to their island” that did not go over well. Angelina found their toast to be extremely insulting and stormed out of her own reception.

Since then, the women have been at odds and constantly quarreling over social media. There is no telling if peace will ever return to Seaside.

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