Did Jeremy Vuolo just weigh in on the alleged investigation into the Duggars? After reports indicated that Homeland Security Investigations confirmed they’d been at the family’s home as part of an “on-going federal criminal investigation,” Jinger Duggar‘s husband seemed to hint that he has an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. On Wednesday, November 20, a fan of the family left a comment asking what HSI was investigating. They speculated about what it might be — and In Touch can confirm the Counting On star “liked” the comment.

After Jeremy, 32, posted a photo of himself playing with his daughter, Felicity, fans were quick to leave all kinds of comments. One, however, wasn’t focused on how sweet the toddler looked as she let “her imagination and creativity unfold as she has fun with her toys.” Instead, they couldn’t stop thinking about the HSI’s raid. “Are the Duggars being investigated for tax evasion?” they wanted to know. The pastor didn’t respond, but he did “like” the comment.

Duggar Fan Asks Jeremy Vuolo About Duggars Investigation for Tax Evasion
Courtesy of Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Likes Comment About Duggar Tax Evasion
Courtesy of Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram

While an Instagram “like” doesn’t exactly confirm the reports, many fans thought it hinted that, despite the family’s denial about any kind of investigation, there might be something going on. Tax evasion would fall under the HSI’s purview. According to the agency’s website, they have the legal authority to “enforce a diverse array of federal statutes,” and that includes financial crimes. Considering the fact that HSI was also reported to have visited one of Josh Duggar‘s businesses.

Of course, the “like” could be accidental. In January 2019, the Bates family sparked rumors when they “liked” a comment about Lawson Bates courting Jana Duggar. Just a few days later, the Bringing Up Bates hunk exclusively let In Touch know that the whole thing was “purely accidental” and a total misunderstanding. “My mom was scrolling through late last night and didn’t realize what she was liking,” he told In Touch. “Meanwhile, Instagram 101 for my mom is now in session.”

Selfie With Jim Bob, Michelle, Jinger Duggar and Felicity and Jeremy Vuolo
Courtesy of Jinger Duggar/Instagram

Since the news of the investigation broke, several other family members have limited commenting on their Instagram accounts. Both Anna Duggar and Jedidiah Duggar seemed to be moderating the responses that fans could leave on their photos. Jed, however, denied any knowledge of the investigation while speaking with KNWA. “I don’t live [at the family home],” he said, “and I am not aware of any investigation.”

In their own statement, the family wrote, “We were shocked to see a news report today state that our home was raided by federal law enforcement agencies. This is not true. To the best of our knowledge, it’s also not true that any member of our family is the target of any investigation of any kind.”

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