Surprise, surprise: the Busby quints are being cute again! OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby let her daughters dance on a table and shared the adorable clips to Instagram, and you’ve really got to see them to understand how silly they are. One of the girls clearly emerged as the “boss” in the videos, which may bode well for her future as a director or CEO.

Apparently, Danielle’s husband, Adam Busby, is away from home at the moment. That means Danielle, 35, is fending for herself with six kids (she’s also, presumably, caring for their older daughter, Blayke, as well). That’s quite the feat! But it seems like the reality TV star is holding down the fort just fine on her own, thanks.

busby family

In the videos Danielle shared, her quintuplet daughtersAva, Riley, Olivia, Parker, and Hazel — appear to be practicing some sort of Mickey Mouse routine, based on the images on the TV behind their little performance. They also recite something about “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” and it’s safe to say these girls have watched whatever’s playing several times in order to get their routine down.

At one point, three of the girls are dancing on the little coffee table in what looks like the Busby’s living room. They’re apparently little enough that they can still fit that many of them on such a small surface at once! Before long, Riley starts directing just one of the girls at a time from her place next to the table. “Riley the boss lol,” her clearly entertained mom captioned that clip.

Eventually, someone put a blue cloth over the table to make it look more like a stage than ever before. You can hear Danielle laughing at her girls all throughout the clips, and they really are a joy to behold. What beyond adorable thing will the Busbys do next?! Hopefully, Adam will be around for the next performance, but it sure seems like his wife has things more than under control without him.

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