So cute! OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby recently took her oldest daughter Blayke to a pizza-making party, and along with a few of her sisters, a huge mess was made and a fun time was had by all. Check the video above to see the mayhem the girls got up to, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Outdaughtered quints photos

Frankly, a pizza-making party sounds like a great time to us, but when you give a bunch of little kids free reign to dough, cheese, sauce, and more, we can see how things could get a little messy. And from the video, it sounds like that’s exactly what happened when Parker and Riley, in particular, gave pizza design a shot.

In an adorable photo included in the video, Blayke is decked out in an apron and hat, all ready to make her own pizza at the party. But two of the Busby quintuplets were not similarly outfitted for the occasion, and Parker and Riley’s pizza station got a little messy by comparison. Cheese… cheese everywhere.

Riley and Parker were the only two of the quints to tag along on the birthday outing because their dad noted on Instagram that he took three of the girls out for breakfast and on a few errands. As parents to six kids — five of whom are toddler quintuplets — it’s totally understandable that Danielle and Adam Busby took a “divide and conquer” approach to the day, as Adam said in the Instagram caption above.

There was even a themed birthday cake at the party, so it sounds like it was quite the shindig for Blayke to attend — and Riley and Parker are really lucky they got to join in on all the fun, too.

It’s clear that one of the girls definitely layered her personal pizza in a huge amount of cheese and honestly? We feel that. You do you, girl.

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