This is so fun! The Busbys are teaming up with Giada De Laurentiis on Winner Cake All, according to an announcement Danielle Busby made on Instagram. So set your DVRs, because it sounds like it’s gonna be a blast.

Danielle wrote on her personal Instagram account on Jan. 6, “Yall don’t want to miss the girls tomorrow night on the season premiere of #winnercakeall on @foodnetwork. We had such an awesome time with @giadadelaurentiis on this episode and the girls absolutely killed it! ✨Tune in Monday, January 7th 10/9c pm ✨ #itsabuzzworld.” How epic is this going to be!?

Previously, Adam Busby revealed that the family was working on “a fun project” with the Food Network. “Can’t wait till it airs! Sooo cute!” he teased back in October. But fans have had to wait all this time to get more information on what Danielle, Adam, and their six girls — Blayke, Ava, Riley, Olivia, Parker, and Hazel — were up to.

Danielle shared a super cute photo of their family with Giada to pair with the announcement, and fans in the comments of the post loved it. There was plenty of commentary on how “beautiful” the family is, and people definitely had their favorites to point out in the pic. “Riley is the cutest one 💕” one person wrote. Another said, “Hazel is a queen” and honestly? Agreed.

Besides this super secret project, the Busbys have kept pretty busy lately. Adam recently revealed that the whole family had to relocate, though when he and Danielle took to Instagram on Friday, Dec. 21, to share a YouTube video about the move they didn’t say exactly why. All Adam would really say was that they’re currently in a “temporary house” due to “issues with our old house,” and that they “couldn’t really get around it. The only way the issues have been… could have been fixed in the house was by us not being there. So we couldn’t stay.”

A move will certainly keep any family busy, and between that and this Winner Cake All project, it sounds like the Busbys have been nonstop lately. Here’s hoping they get to relax a little bit soon!

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