How do they do it?! OutDaughtered stars — and parents to all-girl quints — Adam and Danielle Busby, recently took to social media to reveal what it’s like potty training five toddlers at once: There’s a lot of screaming! “This is what happens when you have quintuplets and one (Olivia) is doing good potty training telling us when she needs to potty, keeping a diaper dry so she gets a M&M for reward,” their joint Instagram account states. “In the meantime the other four see this and… well they just aren’t there yet but still think they deserve a M&M for pooping In their pants. Olivia’s proud little face, love it!” Watch the video below to see the chaos ensue!

Last week, Danielle sparked rumors Season 4 was underway when she posted a now-deleted pic with the caption, “Back in action… to my cozy couch! #season3 #couchinterviews.” Though excited, fans were also confused because the TLC fam wrapped up Season 3 earlier this year.

According to TLC’s OutDaughtered page, the final episode of Season 3 aired back in September. On Jan. 17, Adam confirmed Season 3 on Twitter and wrote, “We can finally Spill the Beans! Thank you everyone for the INCREDIBLE amount of support! The Show has been a hit!” Not long after she shared the post, one fan wrote, “Just made my day! My daughter is going to be thrilled!” Another added, “Yay!! Can’t get enough. Love watching the girls’ milestones because my kids are similar ages!”

If our predictions are correct, the fun fam may return as early as February 2018. Given the show’s history — it first premiered with a short, four-episode season in May 2016, the second premiered in fall 2016, and the third installment aired in July — meaning if a similar pattern continues, they’ll be back before you know it! TBH, we have a feeling their potty training has been well-documented by TLC’s cameras. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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