Playtime is over. After Joseph Duggar and wife Kendra Duggar (née Caldwell) took advantage of the warm winter weather to take their kids out in the sun, they faced some serious backlash. On Monday, March 9, the Counting On stars were called out after fans saw Garrett running around the playground equipment with loose shoelaces.

The parents took to Instagram to share the rare family photos and video, captioning them, “Sunny, warm days are for the park ☀️❤️ and for running off all that energy!” Unlike the weather, their comments weren’t so sunny. “TIE. HIS. SHOES,” one fan wrote in all caps. “And stop recording.” Another added, “Hope he doesn’t trip on those shoestrings.” A third chimed in, “Tie the kid’s shoes. … He will fall and could get hurt. Not very smart.”

The responses continued as fans begged the stars to “tie that baby’s shoes,” warning them about the possible dangers. However, not everyone was on the same page. Some begged the critics to keep quiet so they wouldn’t scare Joe, 25, and Kendra, 21, off social media. “No wonder they don’t post a lot,” one wrote. “As soon as they do, people pounce on any imperfection.” A second wrote, “I’m sure his parents tied his shoes. I’m sure he survived, and I bet he’s not even hurt. There’s no need to comment and judge everything.”

The Duggars are likely used to the critical comments by this point. Though Garrett and Addison’s parents tend to stay offline, their siblings are constantly dealing with parenting advice and mom-shaming. Big sister Jessa Duggar has even become something of an expert when it comes to clapping back at the haters. She’s learned to use her quick wit and sassy personality to shut any negativity down.

When fans expressed concern about Jinger Vuolo (née Duggar) letting daughter Felicity walk around without shoes on, her aunt snarked, “And she was let outside to run in the snow like that. So terrible.” When her own parenting came under fire after she joked about giving son Henry a bottle full of LaCroix, she quipped, “He prefers coffee and energy drinks.” It seems the mom of three always knows just what to say. Maybe next time she can give her little brother and his wife some tips!

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