They’re just worried. Either Joseph Duggar or his wife, Kendra Duggar (née Caldwell) shared two cute clips of their son, Garrett, interacting with his baby sister, Addison, but seeing the baby girl’s face get so close to a zipper her brother was playing with concerned some Counting On fans.

“This just melts my heart ❤️,” the caption on the February 13 post read. “I just love seeing these two love on each other! The small moments are the best 😍.” The post featured videos of the kids laughing as Garrett, 1, zipped and unzipped fabric over 3-month-old Addison in her car seat. But not everyone thought the moment was cute — in fact, some found it downright dangerous.

“Please be careful the zipper doesn’t catch her face,” one person wrote. Another commented, “So adorable! Just watch her cheeks don’t get zipped up!” Someone else replied, “Very cute, but he almost got her face in the zipper.”

joseph and kendra cutest photos baby addison and big brother garrett 1
Courtesy of Joseph and Kendra Duggar/Instagram

For what it’s worth, not everyone agreed with those negative comments. “My son and daughter are the same age and he does the exact same thing to my daughter when she is in her car seat 💗,” someone else responded. “Love it 😊.” And one person replied sarcastically to one of the more critical responses, “No, she’s going to make sure Garrett zippers his sister’s face.”

Kendra, 21, and Joseph, 25, are not as used to dealing with hate from people on social media as some of his famous siblings. They keep pretty quiet on Instagram and rarely post anything that could elicit any negativity.

Joseph’s sister Jessa Duggar, on the other hand, is totally used to clapping back at haters online. For instance, when she shared a video of her three children playing, including her 8-month-old Ivy Jane working on her crawling, she responded to someone attempting to troll her in the comments.

“Bet she [is] pregnant again now,” the commenter nastily wrote in response to the video Jessa, 27, shared. She deftly and snarkily wrote back, “Yes, and it’s triplets this time! 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏻”

Do you think the Duggars have to get training in how to deal with online commentary?

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