Planning for the future. Counting On star Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) hinted she may not be done having kids during Abbie Duggar (née Burnett)‘s recent birth special webisode. When her sister-in-law spoke of getting an epidural during the delivery of her daughter, Grace, with John David Duggar, Jessa joked that she would get one “next time.”

“I’m glad you had an epidural because I know when you get exhausted, you’re just like, out,” sister-in-law Lauren Duggar (née Swanson) told Abbie, 27. “Sometimes it helps you just relax,” Kendra Duggar (née Caldwell) added before Lauren lamented that hers didn’t work for her labor.

John, 30, interjected and said at one point, his wife couldn’t even feel her contractions. “Wow,” Jessa, 27, said. “Man, I’m gonna have to get an epidural next time.” That implies that she and Ben Seewald are definitely planning on adding more children to their family if she figures there’s even a “next time” in her future to think about.

jessa duggar claps back at comment about cutting henrys hair
Courtesy of Ben Seewald/Instagram

In spite of the fact that she’s experienced some major labor complications with her births, Jessa has attempted homebirths for all three of her children. When she gave birth to her first son, Spurgeon, the reality star had to go to the hospital after her midwife became concerned that she was bleeding more than she should be. She ultimately delivered him at home but went to the hospital after.

With her second son, Henry, things went much more smoothly and he was safely born at home. But she experienced another difficult birth with her third baby, Ivy Jane. “Our birth plan through this whole pregnancy was that we would deliver at a birthing suite at the hospital with a midwife there,” she revealed in a video released by TLC in June. But when she went into labor early and her midwife was away, she had her baby on her couch.

Once again, the TV personality was taken to the hospital because of excessive bleeding following the birth. But she recovered quickly and seems willing to go through the experience again in the future.

Many of the Duggar girls have given birth at home in the past, but maybe after seeing how much easier Abbie’s birth was with medical intervention, more of them will change their tune.

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