Catfish cohost Kamie Crawford wants to catch up with fan favorites featured on the show, she exclusively tells In Touch during a video interview.

“I’m always fighting for a Catfish reunion,” Kamie, 30, tells In Touch ahead of season 9, which premieres on Tuesday, October 3. “They were so good.”

Kamie – who became Nev Schulman’s cohost during season 8 following Max Joseph‘s departure – recalls watching the Catfish specials in the past and says they are “so cool to watch.”

“I feel like we need that because Catfish is very popular. Thankfully. People love the show. People have been bingeing it,” she continues. “People are always like, ‘I watch all the episodes on Hulu’ and it’s been everyone’s comfort show throughout the pandemic and now. So I feel like we are overdue for a special reunion.”

One person that Kamie would love to catch up with is Carmen, who appeared on season 3 when she catfished her cousin Antwane for more than three years as a punishment for ​fat-shaming her. “I need Carmen to come with the pink jacket,” Kamie says about Carmen’s memorable outfit from the episode.

While Nev, 39, notes that Carmen and Antwane came back for a previous reunion, Kamie argues that it was “so long ago” and she wants to see what they’re up to today. “I want to see where they’re at now,” she continues.

Another former star that Kamie wants to see back on the show is Ashley Taylor, who appeared on the show twice after she was caught catfishing two people. Her first appearance was during the season 8 premiere when she pretended to be a woman named Red. She made her second appearance later that season when she was caught catfishing a man named Gemini.

“We spoke to her not that long ago. She said that she had a baby. I’m like, I don’t know if that’s true,” Kamie says about Ashley. “So she might need to come bring the baby for me to believe it.”

Nev also suggests that they bring back Justin and Artis. The pair appeared on a 2013 episode, which followed Artis recruiting Nev and Max, 41, to help him learn the true identity of Jess, who turned out to be Justin.

'Catfish' Host Kamie Crawford Says Show Is 'Overdue for a Special Reunion' With Past Couples
Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

“There’s so many people I would love to have back on,” Kamie concludes. “I think it’s just about begging MTV to make it happen.”

While a reunion special isn’t confirmed, Nev notes that the upcoming season will feature “specials” and suggests to Kamie that they “pitch” one.

Season 9 of Catfish returns on MTV on October 3 at 9 p.m. ET.

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