They don’t call them trolls for nothing. Just before Christmas, Bonnie Jo Chapman had to deal with some truly monstrous behavior from an Internet hater. On her Instagram Story, she revealed the disgusting message someone sent her on Facebook, showing her friends and fans how a stranger decided to lash out at her and her late mother, Beth Chapman. Posting it on Monday, December 23, she had some choice words of her own to share in response.

Using graphic language, the hate message called Beth a “waste of space” and insisted that she “won’t be missed.” It also claimed that the reality star, who died due to her battle with cancer in June a few months ahead of what would’ve been her 52nd birthday, “faked her illness.” The post also slammed the star’s husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, suggesting that he’s not actually Bonnie’s father. And, finally, it took aim at the message’s recipient herself, telling her that “no one knows” who she is. “Great thing I woke up to this morning,” Bonnie, 21, captioned a screenshot of the message. “I’m amazed at how pathetic and cowardly people can be.”

Though she didn’t say anything else, Bonnie has experience calling out trolls. In June, she took to Twitter to shut down the haters. “For those talking s–t about my mother after her death, shame on you,” she clapped back at the time. “My mother was a person and doesn’t deserve to be degraded because of ANY of her or my father’s past. My mother fought for women’s rights and was the kindest woman.”

In-Set Photo of Beth Chapman Over Photo of Bonnie Jo Chapman
Courtesy of Bonnie Jo Chapman, Beth Chapman/Instagram

Luckily, the Dog the Bounty Hunter alum likely has support from her family and friends. On December 24, sister-in-law Jamie Pilar Chapman also opened up about what it’s like dealing with Internet attacks. “To all keyboard warriors, as much as I love talking s–t back to those of you who have been hateful lately, today and tomorrow, I will not be participating due to it being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” she told her followers in an Instagram Story. “So in other words, be nice or say nothing at all. If you can’t control yourselves like grown adults, then know now that I will block you from ALL accounts.”

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