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Bah humbug. Leland Chapman’s wife, Jamie Pilar Chapman, has been dealing with her fair share of Ebenezer Scrooges this holiday season, and now she’s taking a stand. In a new message posted to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, December 24, she shut down the people who continually try to put her down with rude remarks online.

“To all keyboard warriors, as much as I love talking s–t back to those of you who have been hateful lately. Today and tomorrow, I will not be participating due to it being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” Jamie, 30, wrote.

“So in other words, be nice or say nothing at all. If you can’t control yourselves like grown adults, then know now that I will block you from ALL accounts,” she continued before adding a kissing emoji. “Merry Christmas Eve.”

Jamie Pillar Chapman Instagram Story
Courtesy of Jamie Pillar Chapman/Instagram

Unfortunately, Jamie isn’t the only one being subject to cruel comments. Duane Chapman’s daughter Bonnie Jo also took to Instagram Stories to call out her nay-sayers for sending mean-spirited messages about her late mother, Beth Chapman.

Over the past few months, Jamie and her loved ones have all been doing their best to cope with the loss of the Dog’s Most Wanted star. Beth tragically passed away on June 26 after a long battle with throat cancer. She was only 51.

In July, Leland’s wife shared a personal card that Beth previously wrote to her. “Happy Mother’s Day. May you be showered by love,” the thoughtful message from her mother-in-law read. “I’m so happy you love Leland as much as you do. It makes me feel good to know he will always be loved. Be patient and never go to bed angry. Love you, Mom #2.”

Jamie Pillar Chapman Instagram Family Leland Chapman Beth Chapman Duane Chapman
Courtesy of Jamie Pillar Chapman/Instagram

“Today as I’m reading it, it’s hitting me differently due to it being my anniversary,” Jamie added, addressing how she reads it every so often to keep the WGN America alum’s memory alive. “You know, sometimes when I read it I swear I can hear her voice reading the card with me. Then I start crying.”

She concluded her caption, “I will always love him Beth. I’ll always take care of him, and do right by him. Thank you for the impact on raising the man I fell in love with four years ago.”

While celebrating Xmas, Jamie also posted some sweet new PDA snaps with her hubby.

She’s not letting anybody ruin her holidays!

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