Bianca Censori’s father, Leo Censori, reportedly wants her and husband Kanye West to visit Australia, but ​she is balking at the idea.

“Kanye has been invited to go to Australia and Bianca is hesitant to allow this to happen because she knows how her father will react,” a source told The Daily Mail in an article published on Thursday, March 21. “Her dad still plans to have a sit down with Kanye, and Leo will not be intimidated by Kanye’s power or control. No one is expecting this to be all rainbows and family portraits.”

Leo’s request comes on the heels of Bianca’s mom, Alexandra Censori, visiting her in Los Angeles with the intent of “saving” Bianca, 29, from her relationship with Kanye, 46.

“Bianca’s father was not necessarily pleased with his wife’s visit to see their daughter because he feels like she enabled Bianca to continue doing what she is doing,” the insider continued. “Yes, Bianca dressed provocatively while her mother was there, but it was nothing in comparison to some of the outfits she has worn prior to and since the visit.”

Leo’s request for a ​conversation with the controversial “Carnival” rapper initially began in early March, according to multiple reports. Leo wanted to “have a proper sit-down with Kanye and ask him what the hell he is thinking when he parades Bianca around like a trashy naked trophy pony,” per The Daily Mail.

“He wants to ask Kanye what he would do if his daughters North, or Chicago, were seen in public half-naked in outfits encouraged by their husbands. He knows that there is no way in hell that Kanye would allow this for his daughters so it makes no sense why he would encourage this for his own wife,” a source told the outlet on March 1.

Bianca Censori ‘Hesitant’ to Bring Kanye Home to Her Dad

Bianca’s style choices in recent weeks have been more than risqué. She was seen sporting sheer tights with nothing underneath during Paris Fashion Week in February, and a recent string of visits to The Cheesecake Factory saw Bianca in some barely-there ensembles. Bianca was also photographed in a silver miniskirt that bared her butt cheeks, paired with a triangle bikini-style top.

Leo’s concern about his daughter’s attire has been ongoing, as Bianca’s family and friends have been worried about Bianca since she married Kanye in December 2022. Since then, The Daily Mail has reported that her family feels like the Grammy winner has been “shutting her out from her own family.”

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