The trailer for Dog’s Most Wanted let fans in on Beth Chapman‘s final days, but for her family, it takes on a totally different meaning. According to the late star’s husband, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, who chatted with In Touch, the show is extra special for his kids. Thanks to their mom’s work on the reality show, they’ll always be able to keep a little piece of her around. Even more so, they’ll be able to “visit” with her whenever they want.

“I’m sure we’re not going to have it runnin’ 24/7 like some freak,” Duane, 66, exclusively told In Touch. “But if they want to see mom, they just tune in WGN America. The show speaks for her.” The family got the idea from Beth herself, who used to tune in to old episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter that featured her father, Garry Smith. “I would walk in and she’d be watching that show,” Duane explained. “I [asked], ‘What are you doing?’ She said, ‘Oh, just talking to Pop.'”

Beth’s kids Cecily ChapmanBonnie Jo Chapman and Garry Chapman aren’t the only ones turning on the TV show when they miss their mom, though. The star’s “bonus” kids are doing the same thing. “Now that’s her blood, some of those kids,” her husband told In Touch. “And the ones that ain’t her blood, she raised.” Though there had been some tension between family members before the blonde bombshell’s tragic loss, the family came together to share their grief for Beth — and, lately, they’ve been closer than ever because of it.

“[Beth] said, ‘I hope that if I die, … I hope it brings the family back,’ cause they’re a normal family. They gripe about, ‘They got paid more than me. You love them more than me,'” he explained. “[Now], all the kids are getting along very good.”

Duane himself is struggling, though. While chatting with In Touch, he admitted that he “never” thought life would “be this bad” without his spouse of nearly 30 years. Thankfully, the blonde’s dog’s have been a comfort to her husband. “They know mommy’s not there,” he shared. “They come to me and they just will not leave me. They’re like boom, boom — like two lions, they walk around. … At 9:30 they come and tell me come to bed.”

Dog’s Most Wanted premieres on Wednesday, September 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN.

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