Close quarters! Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier reveals what it is really like having a camera crew on board in addition to a full staff and charter guests in an exclusive interview with In Touch. “It definitely makes it more difficult in terms of space,” she shares.

“If you think about other Bravo shows, they film in a massive mansion or big restaurants or on the beach. And we’re in these tiny confined spaces. And they have very big equipment. So it makes it difficult like that,” the mother-to-be, who is expecting baby No. 1, explains.

Below Deck Med's Hannah Discusses Having a Camera Crew On Board
Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Additionally, the rules are strict on the high seas compared to the other Bravo franchises, whose staff have no problem interacting with the crew while the cameras are rolling. “On Below Deck, they’re very, very, very strict with the fourth wall. So even for myself, I’ve filmed five seasons of it, the camera crew, audio and everything like that, they won’t interact,” Hannah reveals. “They won’t say hello to me. They won’t.”

Although the chief stewardess originally “hated the fourth wall,” she admits she has learned to  “understand it and respect it because they need to tell the genuine story of what happens when you put a crew together and overwork them on yachts.”

Even the charter guests aren’t an exception to the code of conduct and have little to no interaction with the camera crew. “I think it’s maybe a little more relaxed, but I believe that … I can’t talk to them and ask them, they won’t tell me,” Hannah says.

Regardless of if their camera crew was a little standoffish, Hannah believes it’s still important to treat them like everyone else on board. “They’re still guests at the end of the day, so we still need to ensure that they’re looked after and treated with respect.”

Below Deck Med's Hannah Discusses Having a Camera Crew On Board 2
Courtesy of Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

While the cameras may have seemed omnipresent, she says her turbulent relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn ruffled some feather off-screen as well. “One day she kind of loves me, the next day she hates me,” she explains. Although their full feud might not have made the cut, the latest season of Below Deck definitely gives fans a good idea of their behind-the-scenes drama.

Sadly, it looks like Hannah’s time on the seven seas is might be coming to an end. “A career in yachting, for my position, is never something I wanted to do since I started in this industry at 22 years old,” she says. Hannah recently moved in with her boyfriend, Josh, and the couple is anxiously awaiting the birth of their first baby. “I want a family, I want to settle down.”

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