Rough waters? Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier opens up about her drama with Captain Sandy Yawn in an exclusive video interview with In Touch, revealing they have a “very difficult relationship that goes up and down a lot.”

In the newly released trailer for season 5, Sandy tells Hannah, 33, she could have fired her “a long time ago.” This remark ruffled some feathers, considering Hannah has been a regular fixture on the show as the chief stew (a.k.a. senior crew member) since its 2016 premiere.

So, what’s the deal? “It does get a bit like that sometimes,” the TV personality exclusively tells In Touch about her dynamic with Sandy.

“And one day she kind of loves me, the next day she hates me,” Hannah says, revealing it’s always hot and cold. “I think there comes a stage where I think even … I’ve seen the comments on social media that it’s just like, either just work with her or don’t work with her. It’s almost like cruel me going back season after season to listen to how bad I am and how she should fire me and all of this stuff.”

'Below Deck Mediterranean Star Hannah Ferrier Talks Drama With Captain Sandy Off Camera
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Hannah says Sandy should just tell her not to come back if she feels that strongly about it. “Because if you really can’t work with me to that level, then … it just gets to the stage where it’s a little bit like I’m such a strong person, but it does get to a little bit to the stage where you just feel a little bit bullied,” she explains. The star notes it’s an exhausting job and yet, she’s always trying to bring her A-game.

On the bright side, fans can look forward to a “very different” season this time around. “Last season, we didn’t have that really high stressing vibe kind of drama we’ve seen before,” she shares. “I can’t say the same about this season, so there you go.”

It looks like this will be the end of Hannah’s time on Below Deck, but she’s excited to expand her horizons in the future. “A career in yachting, for my position, is never something I wanted to do since I started in this industry at 22 years old,” she tells In Touch. “I want a family, I want to settle down.”

And she’s already got a head start! Hannah recently moved into a new house with her boyfriend, having left the apartment they were sharing. The TV personality and her beau are still celebrating finding an abode they love, especially because it’s the “first time [she’s] really made a home in like 12 years.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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