The tension between Below Deck: Sailing Yacht stars Georgia Grobler, Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan seemed to reach a fever pitch in the Monday, May 25, episode — and costar Jenna MacGillivray dishes secrets of what went on behind the scenes. “I didn’t see the intensity of those things until I watched the show,” she exclusively tells In Touch.

Though Paget never actually made a move on Georgia, Jenna thinks the “flirting” alone was crossing a line. “I do think that it was inappropriate, and I think that that should be addressed, and I think that Ciara and Paget probably addressed that within their own relationship,” she says. “That’s between them. But they’re still together and there’s a strong love there.”

Ultimately, she doesn’t think Ciara has anything to worry about. “She was in the mind frame that she really stuck with which was if [Georgia] can get him, she can have him,” she explains. “I think she’s very confident in herself and comfortable knowing that he wasn’t going to leave her, and he didn’t. It wasn’t on the table, you know. He didn’t make a move.”

But she also doesn’t blame Paget for having those feelings in the first place. “People are human,” she says. “It’s absurd to think that we’re only attracted to one person.” As long as the crew member didn’t “act on anything,” then it’s understandable things got a little rocky while they were all working through where they stood with each other, especially considering all three members of the love triangle are pretty much living together on the yacht. And it seems Georgia understood those boundaries, too.

“I think [Paget and Ciara] are a very, very good couple,” Georgia exclusively told In Touch in March. “They’re great for each other. They compliment each other, like in their personalities.” Though she admitted they tend to “bash heads” while working, she commended them for always being able to find the right balance between being a couple and being coworkers — and never overdoing it on the PDA. “If I had a hat, I would take it off,” she joked.

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht airs Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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