He may be in hot water with Jim Bob Duggar and the rest of the Counting On crew, but Derick Dillard‘s honest about the TLC show has earned him support from cousin-in-law Amy King (née Duggar). On Tuesday, January 14, Amy took to Twitter to reveal that she has his back. As he opened up on Instagram about his and Jill Dillard‘s time on the series, his cousin-in-law encouraged him to continue.

“@derickmdillard, you really are shedding some light on some very dark, gray areas!” Amy, 33, wrote. “Keep it up!”

The message came just days after one of the law student’s comments mentioned Amy and her husband, Dillon King. On Thursday, January 9, Derick, 30, claimed the reason their families didn’t appear in the episode of the show about grandma Mary Duggar’s funeral was because TLC cut them out. In fact, he explained that “TLC cut out any family that they don’t want viewers to see” on the show. “It wasn’t in the script for us or the Kings to be there,” he said.

In his impromptu Q&A session held in the comments of an Instagram post, the Duggar son-in-law revealed more than that, including the allegation that he and his family never got paid for their TV appearances. “For a long time, Jill and I were under the impression that the family didn’t make any money from the show, but, rather, it was presented to us kids as something that was done as a ministry that TLC periodically subsidized in the form [of] reimbursements for things like gas, restaurants, travel, etc. … But not any actual pay on top of that,” he said.

He claimed that the show took them “to the brink of sanity” and could have “easily destroyed” their lives. According to him, they only filmed for as long as they did because they felt “pressured to think that [they] were required to” and that they “would get sued” if they didn’t. “We were made to believe we didn’t have a choice,” he said. “However, once we became more enlightened, we realized that we could easily defend ourselves … against a lawsuit from the family/TLC.” Though he claimed that there are “no hard feelings” and that he still loves his in-laws, he wanted to let fans know what’s going “so they’re no longer deceived like [the Dillards] were.”

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