Clearing the air. OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby is responding to claims he’s not taking the lockdown seriously amid the coronavirus outbreak. The reality star fired back after sharing a new photo of his daughters Riley and Ava outside on Tuesday, April 21, ensuring that he’s taking the necessary precautions.

“I guess you are all special, you don’t need to quarantine right,” the comment read. “Quarantine means do not leave your house, stay home in your backyard, not riding bikes risking getting [COVID-19]. Yet, Texas has thousands infected. Way to go.”

OutDaughtered's Adam Busby Fires Back at Claims He's Not 'Quarantined' With Kids: 'We Can Go on Bike Rides'

“That’s not what it means where we are,” the TV personality, 37, replied. “We can go on bike rides. We don’t live in a highly populated area. I can ride around the lakes with the girls and maybe see two people at the most that don’t come within 100 feet of us. This is no different than being in our back yard. I just have common sense about it. Worry about yourself.”

Within minutes, Adam’s remark garnered support from several of his followers. “How is a bike ride in open spaces going to spread COVID-19?” one wrote, agreeing with his stance on the subject. “Like you would put your babies in jeopardy,” another chimed in.

Back in March, his wife, Danielle Busby, shared an update about their kids, revealing Riley was having a hard time adapting to the quarantine. “She had been so used to her own days at school, in her own classroom, and now she is back to ‘weekend reality’ seven days a week. *Hang in there my love, we all on the same bus,” the TLC alum, 36, wrote.

Danielle Busby and Daughter Riley Paige
Courtesy of Danielle Busby/Instagram

To help their children adjust, the parents have been opting for a more relaxed schedule while making sure they enjoy some time in the pool. “It was great to be outside with my girls,” the doting daddy wrote via Instagram on March 29.

On April 2, Adam confirmed they haven’t been filming their reality show due to the current health crisis. “Unfortunately, we can’t exactly have a camera crew following us around and going places right now … this COVID-19 pandemic has set us back with being able to make any new episodes,” the father of six revealed. “Hopefully this is over soon and everyone can get back to normal life and we can get back to making new episodes for you guys.”

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