The drama was real! 90 Day Fiancé star Varya Malina wants fans to know her confrontation with Geoffrey Paschel’s girlfriend, Mary, “wasn’t staged.” In a new tell-all video shared on YouTube, the Before the 90 Days star opened up about her relationship and what we didn’t see behind the scenes.

“Neither Geoffrey nor Mary were [wearing microphones], and nobody [knew] what was coming,” Varya, 30, told fans. “It was a total surprise for all of us — for me, for Geoffrey, for Mary, for the crew. It was crazy. I even looked back several times to [ask] the crew, ‘Are you serious, guys? Did you just throw me under the train? Did you know that?’”

Side-by-Side Photos of Varya Malina and Mary
Courtesy Varya Malina/Instagram; Courtesy Mary/Instagram

Fans watched the tense moment Geoffrey’s ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend came face to face on the TLC show. Though Mary knew who Varya was, she didn’t know why she was there. And while Varya knew she had work to do to win back her ex, she didn’t know he’d already moved on with someone new.

“At that moment, I was totally lost, shocked and forgot English,” the radio host said. “As we say in Russian, I decided the best protection is [an] attack. And I kinda attacked. The only one idea [I had] in my head [was], ‘This girl is trying to steal my man.’” Varya was familiar with who Mary was, however. “I knew about her existence because she constantly texted Geoffrey while he was in Russia,” she explained. “I saw her messages popped [sic] up on his phone. I even asked him, ‘Who’s that?’ And Geoffrey told me, ‘No worries. Just my friend.’”

When she realized Mary was over at Geoffrey’s house early in the morning, she put the pieces together herself. “It freaked me out,” she said. “You can see I wanted to hear an explanation from Geoffrey, but Mary [was] questioning me on who I am, and I just started to yell in Russian. … It wasn’t [a] curse, but it wasn’t pleasant either. … I agree, I was trashy.”

Fans watched as the Tennessee native proposed to Varya for a second time during the May 31 episode, but it seems their romance didn’t work out in real life. Geoffrey and Mary appear to still be together after the show, but he told fans on Instagram he and Varya have “respect for each other regardless of the outcome” of their romance. If everyone can be civil with each other, we think that’s a win.

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