90 Day Fiancé season 10 cast member Rob Warne has held a variety of jobs, leaving viewers wondering about his net worth. How does the Los Angeles-based reality star make money?

What Is 90 Day Fiance’s Rob Warne’s Net Worth?

The model, who was famously unable to afford an apartment with a bathroom, may be more financially stable these days. His net worth is said to be less than $150,000, according to multiple reports.

Although it is unclear ​exactly what the TLC star’s net worth is, the actor, model, dancer and YouTuber has many possible sources of revenue.

Rob was previously called out by fans of the franchise after he joined Cameo to cash in on his reality TV fame. His bio on the site states he will propose on behalf of someone using his “personal charm,” at an earlier cost of $45 for a personalized video and $3 for a text message – a price point people thought was far too high for what he was offering.

One Reddit user wrote about the offer, “Is he gonna do a half-a– dance to help other people propose too?” Another wrote that Rob was overshooting his worth, questioning whether he thought he was “a huge celebrity.”

What Is 90 Day Fiance’s Rob Warne’s Job?

Rob, who describes himself as a “jack of all trades,” works multiple part-time jobs in addition to ​booking modeling gigs.

After his ​​fiancée, London-based social media influencer Sophie Sierra, admitted on the show she was frustrated about Rob’s lack of employment stability, calling his work “little odd jobs here and there,” Rob took to Instagram Stories in early October 2023 to explain that he was, in fact, working consistently.

“Was having trouble finding another solid full-time job during Covid,” he wrote about his situation during filming of the show, before revealing he now juggles three part-time jobs in addition to modeling.

One of his jobs is reportedly a position at Cap’s Service and Repair in Austin, Texas, where he now lives.

Still receiving backlash about his employment, the season 10 star defended himself from claims he had “no job” in January 2024.

“Honestly exhausted by this narrative. Let’s be clear. I was a store manager for four years. Left to pursue something else,” Rob wrote in a lengthy Instagram Story. “Didn’t work out, so I was working for a moving company, a grow facility, and hung signs around L.A. overnight while looking for another full time job in the worst job market in the U.S. End of story. I had three jobs, not ‘no job.’”

What Is Rob Warne’s Financial Background?

Rob and Sophie have butted heads in the past about the pair’s very different financial backgrounds. While Sophie was born in a wealthy family and is used to a life of luxury, Rob comes from more humble beginnings.

Rob admitted on the reality show Sophie had “spoiled rich girl tendencies,” and he was worried about his fiancée’s ability to live comfortably in his small studio apartment in Los Angeles.

During the TLC show’s January 14, 2024, episode, Rob had a fight with Sophie’s mom, Claire, after he felt insulted by a joke she told at his expense. Rob complained that Sophie and Claire were acting like he was “living in squalor.”

The exchange became so heated, Sophie left Rob’s apartment to spend the night with her mother instead of her fiancé.

What Factors May Affect Rob’s Ability to Earn Money?

Rob was previously arrested for aggravated assault, In Touch exclusively revealed on November 3, 2023. His criminal history, which also includes two separate battery charges, may affect the model’s ability to obtain full-time employment now or in the future.

Rob Warne Defends His Financial and Living Situation

Rob took to Instagram on January 12, 2024, to defend his current financial and living situation.

“I feel like a lot of people are really wanting me to, like, s–t on myself,” he said via Instagram Reels. “Between my car, my apartment, my finances. It’s like, everything I do has a purpose,” he explained.

He admitted that while his old apartment was “​s–tty,” it “served a purpose.” “It is what it is. And the finances have only gotten better, and will continue to get better,” he said.

Rob added that after watching himself on the reality show, he has become “more receptive to criticism.”

“Seeing [myself] on the show has given me even more perspective to do better,” he said in the clip. “If you can’t respect that, then you can go find somebody else to go look at or watch.”

90 Day Fiance’s Rob Slammed Claims He Had a ‘Rich Upbringing’

In a January 18, 2024, Instagram Story, Rob slammed fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast member Statler Riley‘s claims that he had a “rich upbringing.

“Tell her she needs to stay in her lane and mind her own business,” Rob said about Statler, who implied Rob was lying about his modest upbringing for the reality show. According to Rob, Statler discovered that he had a few “successful cousins” and believed that meant his entire family was wealthy.

“She has no idea what my story is and it’s ridiculous, Rob continued. “She’s out of line and needs to stop.”

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