Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra’s difference in wealth status has been a point of contention for the couple on season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé. While Sophie hails from London and is used to a luxurious, wealthy lifestyle, Rob’s upbringing was much more humble. With Sophie having such high expectations about the life she wants to live in America with her new fiancé, fans are wondering exactly what Rob does for a job and whether he’ll be able to support Sophie.

What Is Rob From 90 Day Fiance’s Job?

When Rob introduced himself on 90 Day Fiancé, he said he was a “jack of all trades” and confirmed that one of his jobs is as a model. Sophie also said that Rob “does little odd jobs here and there” for work, although she did not specify what those “odd jobs” are. She also admitted to being frustrated by Rob’s lack of steady work.

After Sophie made that comment, Rob began getting a lot of heat on social media, as fans, along with his mother-in-law, accused him of not trying to nail down a “real” job. The season 10 star took to his Instagram Stories in January 2024 to defend himself from claims he had “no job.”

“Honestly exhausted by this narrative. Let’s be clear. I was a store manager for four years. Left to pursue something else,” Rob wrote in a lengthy Instagram Story. “Didn’t work out, so I was working for a moving company, a grow facility, and hung signs around L.A. overnight while looking for another full time job in the worst job market in the U.S. End of story. I had three jobs, not ‘no job.’”

How Did Rob and Sophie Meet on 90 Day Fiance?

Although Rob and Sophie clearly have very different backgrounds and lifestyles, they have fallen madly in love. Sophie was seeking out a man who is mixed race like she is and she began following various Instagram pages that shared photos of mixed race men. She saw Rob on one of these pages and began following him on the social media site.

Does 90 Day Fiance’s Rob Warne Have a Job? Find Out How He Makes a Living Amid Sophie Sierra Romance
Courtesy of TLC

Rob said he often had women reaching out to him on Instagram because of his modeling career. “Usually I would just ignore them,” he said. However, he thought Sophie was beautiful and they started talking via FaceTime. Rob was very clear that Sophie’s looks were what attracted him to her. “Sophie is the hottest person I’ve been with and that’s what I’ve been looking for,” he shared.

Where Does Rob From ‘90 Day Fiance’ Live?

Rob previously lived in Los Angeles, while Sophie is a London native who was raised in Spain. At the time, Rob lived in a studio apartment and Sophie had been vocal about not being a fan of the home. He accused her of having “spoiled rich girl tendencies” on the TLC series. Sophie’s mother, Claire, visited the couple in L.A. and saw their apartment in person. Claire also struggled to accept Rob’s home, feeling like it was too unsafe for her daughter. Rob felt frustrated that Sophie and her mom thought he was “living in squalor” and accused them of not understanding his financial situation.

Since their time on the franchise, Rob has since relocated to Austin, Texas. Sophie’s current location is unknown at this time.

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