Fans may have suspected Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou (real name: Hassan M’Raouni) were planning to tie the knot during their time together in Morocco, but an insider close to the couple exclusively tells In Touch that’s not the case. Though the 90 Day Fiancé stars are making the most of Nicole’s unexpectedly extended stay due to the coronavirus pandemic, they haven’t taken any new steps towards marriage.

“Her family isn’t aware of there being any kind of wedding planning at the moment,” the source says. “If it’s happening, it would be a shock to them. Nicole would want her close family there and May for sure, so her family thinks she wouldn’t go and get married behind their backs.”

Another complicating factor is money. Most weddings aren’t cheap, and considering Nicole, 26, just quit her job in order to visit her fiancé abroad, she may not have the cash for some time. The source explains that saving up enough to marry in Morocco and have her family fly out will be a bit of a daunting task. “No one sees it happening in the near future.”

It also seems that the blonde beauty’s family may not be totally on board. Though mom Robbalee Nafziger recently took to Instagram to defend her daughter — and her daughter’s fiancé — even she appeared to have her doubts about the relationship. “I am always concerned that someone will try and take advantage of one of my children,” she told fans, “but I have also said that he seems like a really nice person.”

The grandmother hinted she’s had serious talks with the TLC alum about the decisions she’s making in her relationship. “You have no idea what I have said and not said to her, so please remember you are not in my shoes,” Robbalee wrote when one commenter called her out for not confronting her daughter. In another response, she said that the world is “full of loafers,” but Azan simply happens to live abroad. Though she insisted she tried to “guide” her daughter to a “better” decision, ultimately only Nicole is in charge of her own life.

And in Nicole’s own words, there’s nowhere she’d rather be than with her man. On Instagram in late March, she shared a selfie of the two of them, adding the caption, “I never want to leave your side, my love. ♥️”

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