90 Day Fiancé fans were left in shock when Angela Deem revealed that her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, had been reported missing. After the reality star was found, he released a statement about the situation. Days after the reality star was found, he broke his silence for the first time. When did Michael go missing and what have he and Angela said about his disappearance?

When Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Michael Ilesanmi Go Missing?

Just two months after Michael arrived in the United States from Nigeria on December 23, 2023, he went missing on February 23, 2024. “The police are involved, we can’t find him,” Angela stated in a TikTok video shared on February 26, 2024, explaining that his departure was not captured by her home security videos.

What Has ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Angela Deem Said About Michael Ilesanmi’s Disappearance?

Not only did Angela reveal that Michael had gone missing, but she also shared several details about his disappearance. “Michael left everything here. I know that there’s people probably think, ‘Oh, maybe he just left.’ But like, nothing, not any ID, nothing to show his name on it, no clothing, not a toothbrush. Zero point zero zero. No wallet, nothing. Clothes on his back is what he left with on Friday,” she explained, adding that he “only had like $40 on him.”

“If he left on his own, he should have called me. Everybody in this town, I’m gonna tell you, they say, ‘Angela, he’s f–king walked out because he’s got no reason to stay here.’ I don’t want to believe that,” she told 90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates, adding that her husband might have family in Idaho.

Angela – who married the Nigeria native in 2020 – then wondered if Michael was using her as a way to get to America and planned to leave her as soon as he settled in her rural Georgia town. “I’m telling you now. I’m not gonna let you f–king come here if you didn’t love me,” she said.

Has Immigration Gotten Involved in ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Michael Ilesanmi’s Disappearance?

While directly answering fan questions, Angela addressed a fan who asked if she had contacted immigration. She explained that she was “not allowed” to answer any of their concerns, though urged fans to “use your common sense.” She continued, “If Michael is really missing and doesn’t contact us, immigration can take over. That’s all I can tell you.”

When Was ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Michael Ilesanmi Found?

John revealed that Michael has been found safe during a YouTube Live on February 26, 2024.

“Right after the [original] live ended, Angela got a phone call from the police here stating that they were contacted by Michael. They verified it with him,” John explained. “He did have a burner phone or another phone that nobody knew about. And on that phone he had pictures of his passport that he left. They verified his ID.”

John continued, “He told the police that he was in fear of his life and Michael didn’t want Angela knowing his location.”

On March 1, 2024, Michael broke his silence for the first time amid the ordeal. His video message came one week after he went missing. In a video shared to Instagram blogger Kiki and Kibbitz, Michael didn’t address his disappearance. “Hello, guys, this is Michael,” he said. “I just want to quickly make this video to inform the public that I’m not on any social media platform right now. I mean, at this moment. When the time comes, I’ll make it official. OK, thank you. And God bless you.”

‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Angela Deem Shared a Cryptic Post After Michael Ilesanmi’s Disappearance

While Angela didn’t reveal Michael’s disappearance until he had already been missing for three days, she did hint that something was wrong in their marriage by sharing cryptic posts on social media.

90 Day Fiance's Michael Ilesanmi Has Been Reported Missing: Everything We Know About the Case

“You’ve been lied on, talked about, plotted against and STILL BLESSED,” one quote read that she reposted on February 26, 2024, from @itsvoritz. “Manipulation is when they blame you for your reaction to their disrespect. Read that again,” the TLC personality ​reshared in another quote from @themilionairesmarathon.

“I’m proud of myself for not being fake. I’m difficult sometimes and have a few screws loose but I’m 100 percent me,” another quote, which was originally shared by @mygardencountry, read.

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