Making it official? 90 Day Fiancé stars Usman “SojaBoy” Umar and Kimberly Menzies were one of the most captivating couples on season 5 of Before the 90 Days and the pair have since graduated to appear on the franchise spinoff, Happily Ever After?. With a nearly two-decade age gap and long-distance being factors in their relationship, fans are divided over if they  they are still going strong in 2022. Keep reading to find out the latest details on if Usman and Kimberly are still together.  

Are Usman and Kimberly Still Together?

While the pair’s romantic connection didn’t look promising following the Before the 90 Days tell-all in April 2022, it seems the flames are still going strong. 

In October 2022, Kim shared a touching birthday tribute to SojaBoy via Instagram. “Happy Birthday Usman! I never thought life would lead me to you. Thank you for always being there and loving me for me. You have been there and supported me through my darkest times and happiest times. I hope I have made you as happy as you have made me. No one may understand what we have but WE KNOW. I will love you for the rest of my life,” she wrote. “Happy Birthday to you my International Superstar aka Sojaboy!!! I will love you always. ❤️🔥”

Kim was set to return to Nigeria to propose to Usman against the wishes of either of their families. While Kim’s adult son, Jamal, felt she’s rushing into the relationship, Usman’s mother would rather him be with a woman that can produce a grandchild. 

Kim previously said she was open to Usman taking a second wife, the San Diego native was adamant that she must be his first — despite his family’s determination to set him up with a younger partner.

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Are SojaBoy and Kim Engaged?

Their relationship reached a new level when they got engaged after Kim proposed during a Sunday, November 6, episode. However, their happiness was short lived.

After Kim met SojaBoy’s mom, the couple got into a fight when his mother said he needs to marry a younger woman before he marries Kim so that the first bride can carry his children.

SojaBoy went ahead and met the woman his mom wanted him to marry first in a teaser clip for the November 13 episode. He quickly showed interest in the other woman, stating that he found her “pretty” and wanted her phone number.

The “Fire” singer was clearly open to getting to know the other woman, though Kim was less than thrilled about the situation. 

“I’m here in his country and the reality hit me — this f–ker just went to go meet this woman,” she said in a confessional.

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Is Usman and Kim’s Relationship Real?

SojaBoy professed his love for Kimberly before their season of Before the 90 Days aired on TV, telling Entertainment Tonight in December 2021 that he adored her with “all my bones [and] my heart.”

The Bares All alum said that Kimberly initially had been a big fan of his and reached out to him personally via direct messages before they decided to meet face to face. He also discussed dating older women, telling the publication that his type is more correlated to “someone who is going to give me peace.” 

“Right now, I am in love,” he continued. “I love Kimberly, I can say that any way in the world. I love her. I’m not shy. I’m not ashamed. I am proud to say that I love her. I love her for real.”

How Does Kim Feel About Being In a Polygamous Relationship?

In a teaser clip from the September 18 episode shared by People, Kim and Usman got into a heated argument when he asked if she would allow him to have more wives.

While visiting Nigeria, Kim asked Usman’s friend KB about his polygamous lifestyle. After KB explained that he has two wives and nine children, Usman chimed in, “I have the potential to have nine [kids], you know. I don’t want to take [a] long time so why not have two more wives plus you four?”

Kim made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of the idea. “No, there’s no way … I can barely deal with one,” she replied. “I don’t give a damn.”

Usman wasn’t ready to give up on the idea and said, “If I have four wives plus you — like, I have three more. If this one gives twins, first birth, then the second wife give another maybe one or two. Before you know it, in just two, three years I can have like, 10 and we [are] done.”

“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Look, we said one if I was cool with one,” Kim responded. “Now we are talking about three or four, no.”

Usman expressed his shock over Kim’s response in a confessional. “Kimberly cursing and being rude, giving me that kind of attitude and behavior, is unacceptable to any Nigerian man,” he said. “She’s being so mad. I started to doubt if Kimberly is actually okay with this idea of second wife. Maybe she was just saying that just to make me happy. I know it seems, in reality, she don’t think she can take it.”

As the couple continued to fight, Kim eventually had enough and stormed away as she splashed her milkshake at Usman.

They have since resolved the argument and have moved on, with Kim agreeing that SojaBoy can have another wife.

Does SojaBoy’s Mom Approve of Kim?

Kim and SojaBoy were able to work past their issues and SojaBoy decided that he wanted to move forward with introducing Kim to his mother, Fadimatu. Before the formal introduction, SojaBoy visited his mom one on one so he could tell her about Kim in private. The first question that Fadimatu asked her son is how old was his new lady love. Fadimatu was not pleased when she learned Kim was 50 years old.

“God, really?” Fadimatu said. “As far as a request for marriage, I assure you that I won’t accept it.”

“I just want you to get married so that you will stop bringing such women from a far away world. And marry a fertile girl who is of tender age. I have a variety of girls among our people,” SojaBoy’s mom continued. “They are of different varieties. I cannot continue to sit by and watch you make mistakes. We want to celebrate in our way, so that one day we will be able to see your children.”
During the November 13 episode, Kim learned that SojaBoy’s family finally accepted her to be his first wife.

She received a legal letter from his family, which stated SojaBoy must be allowed to take a second wife and have children with her. The letter also explained that if the couple moves to America, SojaBoy must be allowed to visit his family quarterly.

“It just hit me,” Kim said through tears in a confessional after reading the letter. “This is the blessing. This is huge.”

She agreed to the terms and signed the document with SojaBoy. “I’ve never felt so completely in love with somebody as I do at this moment with Usman,” Kim said. “I just want to go home and drink and sleep now — I’m so tired.”

SojaBoy’s mother later explained why she had a change of heart and now is accepting of Kim’s relationship with her son. “I have given up for now,” she said. “Since she has pleaded several times, I see that she has a good attitude. But I implore that he should visit home every three months to marry another girl here so that I may have grandchildren.”

However, in the sneak peek for next week’s episode, it seems like the agreement for SojaBoy to take a second wife won’t be able to be fulfilled. While on a video call with a lawyer to discuss their options for the K-1 visa, Kim and SojaBoy learned that if the United States government found out that he had another wife in another country, it would be grounds for him to lose his green card.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs on TLC and Discovery+ on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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