Coming clean. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Colt Johnson admitted he’s keeping two big secrets from his long-distance girlfriend, Jess Caroline, and the truth could jeopardize their relationship.

Colt, 34, shared an update on the status of his relationship with Jess, 26, after he returned to Las Vegas from visiting her in her native country of Brazil. He said things between him and his online love have been “rocky” and their trust issues have gone from “bad to worse” after they got into a big argument on the last night of his trip.

The computer programmer explained the couple has been fighting “every day” since he returned to the states and even broke up a handful of times. Regardless of the altercation between him and Jess in Brazil, when she threw two shoes at him, Colt admitted he still loves her and he wanted to try to salvage their relationship. Jess had also left Brazil and returned to her home in Chicago, where she was working as an au pair, and Colt suggested she take a trip out to Vegas to visit him.

But in his confessional, Colt admitted he hasn’t been 100 percent honest with Jess. He said he has “talked to other women” while they were broken up. He worried that Jess would dump him for good if he tells her the truth over the phone, so he wanted to wait to see her in person to confess. He said he knows Jess will “lose it” when she finds out, but he can’t “hide” his secret if they want a “future together.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Colt and Jess have fought over his relationship with other women. Earlier in the season, the couple fought twice over his friendship with a woman named Vanessa. Colt previously told Jess that Vanessa was just a friend even though he admitted in a confessional that they had gotten intimate at least once in the past. While Jess didn’t know the full extent of Vanessa’s relationship with Colt, she still had a feeling that their connection was more than friends and asked Colt to not speak to Vanessa anymore and he agreed.

Jess learned Colt lied when his mother, Debbie Johnson, revealed Vanessa was not only still friends with both Colt and her, but that Vanessa was staying at the mother-son duo’s home to babysit their cats during their trip to Brazil. Once Jess learned that Colt had been untruthful, it led to their blowout fight.

But Colt is also hiding another secret from Jess, and it involves Vanessa. “A few days after I returned from Brazil, Vanessa was having a hard time after her divorce and needed a place to stay. My mother invited her to stay with us, so Vanessa is now my roommate.” Debbie told Colt he needs to tell Jess that Vanessa is their new houseguest before she flies over.

“I’m definitely not looking forward to telling Jess about all the secrets I’ve kept from her. Between Vanessa moving in and me talking to other women, at this point, it’s definitely an uphill battle for me to convince Jess that I’m still a good guy and that she can trust me,” Colt said in his confessional. “But I feel like I have to try because Jess makes me happy and I love her.”

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