Is it purely platonic? 90 Day Fiancé star Colt Johnson says he and Vanessa Guerra are just friends, but girlfriend Jess Caroline is convinced there’s more to their relationship on Happily Ever After. In fact, Vanessa’s presence in Colt and mom Debbie Johnson’s lives has even led to some major blowouts on screen. But what exactly is the deal? Get the details on Vanessa and her relationship with Colt below.

Colt and Vanessa initially met online.

During a July episode of the TLC show, Colt, 35, revealed he first met Vanessa while he was still married to Larissa Dos Santos Lima. “We started talking online, and, eventually, we decided to meet at a casino,” he shared. “We just kind of hit it off.”

The two quickly became close, and Vanessa even called him her “best friend” in a photo on Instagram in which they’re sharing one drink with two straws. In a second pic, she, Debbie and Colt hung out with Colt’s cousin Nick and his partner, Tana. “Family,” she captioned the shot.

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Jess isn’t exactly comfortable with their friendship.

Fans have watched the Brazilian beauty lose her temper more than once when Vanessa’s name comes up. On one episode of the show, she even complained to her friends about how Vanessa is always calling Colt — but her boyfriend says she simply doesn’t get it. “Jess has never met Vanessa,” he said. “She doesn’t even understand who Vanessa is, and she’s so jealous of her.”

Trying to placate his girlfriend, he promised not to talk to the other woman anymore but admitted in a confessional he was lying. “Vanessa’s my best friend,” he explained. “She’s been there a lot longer than Jess has.”

Jess accused them of being “friends with benefits.”

In the August 2 episode, the couple clashed once more when the redhead learned her boyfriend had Vanessa catsitting for him and his mom while they were in Brazil. Calling the other woman a “bitch,” Jess accused her man of crossing the line in his friendship. Though he denied anything inappropriate happened, the couple have already gone their separate ways in real life — and the Brazilian put her ex on blast on Instagram.

On her Instagram Story, Jess shared screenshots of DMs Colt allegedly sent Vanessa, telling her to back off because he wasn’t interested. She claimed her ex’s friend later came clean and admitted they came up with the messages together. “Vanessa told me he called her and [they] both agreed to fake the conversation,” Jess said. “This way, I would calm down and he could finish the season with me. Then, after that, they could be together (like they are now). … He’s a liar, a cheater [and] a [piece] of trash hiding under his [mother’s] skirt.”

They do have a past.

During the July 5 episode, Colt admitted he and Vanessa did have sex “just one time.” He also confessed that he “has a crush on her” and thinks “she’s a great girl,” but that the feeling isn’t mutual. “I moved on,” he said.

It’s not clear where Colt and Vanessa stand today.

The two haven’t gone public with a relationship, but they seemingly also haven’t shut down rumors they’re together. Mom Debbie even revealed on the show that she was rooting for them to become a couple. “I wish that Colt was with someone like Vanessa instead of Jess,” she said.

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