From one mama to another! 90 Day Fiancé star Paola Mayfield fully supported Kalani’s decision to breastfeed her son Oliver during the tell-all. Even though some fans were praising Kalani in the comments, others were shaming the TLC alum, and Paola took to social media to defend her. Watch the video above to see what Paola wrote and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

To get you up to speed, Kalani, 30, wrote a powerful message to nay-sayers via Instagram on Jan. 9. “If I didn’t need to cover up when half of my boobs were out for decoration, why would I magically need to cover up 1/4 of a single boob that was being used to nurse?” her statement began. “If you think breastfeeding in public is comparable to sh–ting in public, please make sure you try the latter in front of a cop.” The TLC star made sure to elaborate further by giving an example.


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“If you liken breastfeeding in public to having sex in public because both are natural, realize that 1) eating is necessary to live, while sex is not and 2) breathing is also natural and necessary to live—you should try to cover up while doing that,” Kalani, who is currently expecting baby No. 2, continued in her post. “The bottom line is that I was away from my son all day and he wanted to eat, so I fed him. I will never apologize for prioritizing my son’s comfort over the comfort of people who are more outraged by a baby being breastfed than kids who don’t even have food to eat.”

When blogger John Yates shared Kalani’s message on his social media page, Paola, 31, commented, “I don’t know her, but I like her,” adding some praising hand emojis. The reality star, who also recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy herself, shared a screen grab of the post on her Instagram Stories with the caption: “#facts.” Of course, fans were loving how Paola stood up for Kalani.

“I agree with her ideology,” one person wrote as a reply to Paola’s comment. “Any mama who is breastfeeding shouldn’t explain themselves to anyone. It’s a natural and healthy thing to do. It was like three seconds or so,” another chimed in. We wouldn’t be surprised if Kalani and Paola become friends after this sweet interaction!

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