She’s feeling sorry. 90 Day Fiancé stars Leida Cohen and Eric Rosenbrook were definitely the villains of Season 6, and they got a ton of hate online from fans throughout the season — and it all started after Leida kicked Eric’s 19-year-old daughter Tasha out of their apartment during a particularly tense scene. But since then, Leida has been on the receiving end of some pretty intense backlash on social media, which has triggered her issues with mental health. Eric shared an updated on her mental health struggles and he released a statement on her behalf, where Leida shared a public apology to her stepdaughter. Watch the video above to see her apology and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Eric took to Instagram Live over the weekend to share an update with concerned fans after Leida had been sharing some seemingly suicidal thoughts in a private group on social media. Leida claimed that she has struggled with mental health issues in the past, and she was struggling with them again after dealing with all of the haters and trolls online. She claimed that she didn’t have anyone to talk to, and she couldn’t open up to her family because they allegedly don’t take mental health issues seriously — and that made her realize that she should try to mend her relationship with Eric’s daughter.

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Leida also extended an olive branch to Tasha and invited her to compete in the upcoming LionCon, which is a Geek and Counter culture convention, where Leida will serve as a cosplay judge.

“I’m getting [too] emotional because my family keeps saying I’m crazy. I’m crazy and I’m not supposed to get anxiety and I’m not supposed to get depression. I just can’t win them all. We are [sic] all need to do a public apology. And I still need to do the counseling,” Leida continued in her statement. “Tasha and I [are] supposed to be a best friend [sic] because we have so many things in common. She needs to realize that. We both can help each other. I just want Tasha to stop living in denial. Back to reality. All those people use her story to tear us apart. Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”

As for Leida’s mental health struggles, Eric claimed that concerned fans had contacted local police who then performed a wellness check on Leida at the couple’s apartment. In a statement exclusively provided to In Touch, Eric explained Leida’s mental health issues.

“Apparently she’s desperate because she talked to her family and her family sees her as a mentality weak human being for suffering from anxiety and self-harm depression,” Eric, 40, told In Touch. “Apparently, it’s a cultural view at least from her family for people having that as a shame that brought into the family. They never take her to the counseling or give her any medication. Because for them it’s a shame to people know that one of their daughters is suffering from that mental illness.” During his Instagram Live, Eric said that he is looking into finding help for Leida.

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