Mommy makeovers and birthday cakes!

From Mahmoud El Sherbiny asking his wife, Nicole Sherbiny, for a divorce to Ed “Big Ed” Brown and Liz Wood’s taco pasta argument, the season 8 couples of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? are hitting major roadblocks in their relationship during episode 7.

Gino and Jasmine

Only more bad news came for Gino and Jasmine during episode 7. During a trip to the park, Jasmine confided in Gino about her mother’s cancer diagnosis. The Michigan native tried to cheer Jasmine up with a trip to Miami but the getaway only led to more problems between the married couple.

During the trip, the couple reunited with Jasmine’s friend Leandro, who Jasmine says once was a “lookout” for her while she had sex in public. However, the celebration quickly took a turn when Jasmine thought about her children’s looming visa situation and burst into tears while blowing out her birthday cake candles.

“I wish for my kids to be with me and Gino as soon as possible,” she said in Spanish. In a private confessional, the Panama native added, “I didn’t know how lucky I was before, like, spending a birthday with my family, with my children. And now I don’t have them in America. How can I be ready to have a child with Gino if I feel like I’m abandoning my own children?”

Mahmoud and Nicole

After their fierce argument during episode 6, Mahmoud and Nicole show no signs of reconciliation. Mahmoud left their apartment and made his way toward a bus stop before Nicole’s friend could stop to have a conversation with him.

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Mahmoud made plans to stay in a hotel and declined to inform Nicole of his whereabouts after leaving, telling her that it was “not her business which hotel” he stayed at. When Mahmoud woke up the next morning, his feelings toward his wife did not change. He told Nicole that he was upset with her bad behavior and wanted to come over to pick up his stuff.

Upon his arrival, Nicole confronted Mahmoud for using her credit card to pay for the hotel room. Mahmoud countered by saying he wanted a divorce and promised that “somehow” he would get back to Egypt.

Emily and Kobe

After an explosive argument with Kobe’s friends, Emily was upset and refused to come back to the group’s table, telling her husband that she felt he didn’t have her back.

“They’re the ones who hurt my feelings, saying that, I’m gonna make you unhappy in the long run,” the Kansas native told Kobe away from the group outing. “Which, I don’t think I am. I think I make you plenty happy. Am I wrong?”

Emily returned to the table but Kobe’s friends continued to voice their concerns about their marriage. “What you have to understand is, you know, mostly in Cameroon, we know that when the men talk, the women stay quiet,” Kobe’s friend Valery explained. “I think you have to learn about that … it’s not correct. If you continue to do that all the friends of Kobe will say you’re bossy.”

Kobe tried to diffuse the situation, to which Valery seemingly shaded Emily by saying, “He’s just trying to cover the wife.”

Emily felt she would never be good enough for Kobe “in their eyes,” so his friends shouldn’t be invited to their second wedding ceremony in Cameroon “if they don’t support the relationship.”

Ashley and Manuel

Mommy Makeovers and Birthday Cakes! 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After 1 Season 8, Episode 7 Recap

Ashley was finally introduced to some of Manuel’s family in person. The pair traveled to New Jersey to visit his uncle Leo, with Manuel warning Ashley in advance to not say the word “witch” in front of him.

While Ashley was nervous to meet Leo, the meeting seemingly went well until the New York native began to talk about her spirituality and Tarot beliefs and Manuel’s uncle did not understand the concepts.

“Manuel was not even joking about how religious he is,” Ashley said in a private confessional about Manuel’s uncle. “It’s a lot. I find the bible more as a learning tool, more than words to live by personally.”

The pair later met up with Ashley’s friend Erin, who also is a witch. After taking part in a quantum process, Erin urged the couple that there may be issues in their communication and should “release what’s old.”

Manuel told Ashley he felt that he didn’t have her trust, which caused a major blowup and Manuel walking out of the bar.

Patrick and Thais

90 Day Fiance's Thais' Dad Carlos Slams Her Husband Patrick Mendes- 'Little Bastard'

Patrick and Thaís reunited with Patrick’s dad, Jose, immediately upon arriving in Brazil, which upset the mom of one. Jose immediately listed out various odd jobs for his son around the house and asked him to later go to his ranch for other chores.

“Jose came here asking for things. Renting the apartment always gives him, you know, excuse to ask more and more,” Thaís said in a private confessional. “Patrick refuses to see his selfish intentions.”

Ed and Liz

Following the taco pasta argument, Ed and Liz have still not spoken about their canceled wedding. Ed requested a one-on-one conversation with Liz at a bar, which the San Diego native later canceled, noting it wasn’t a good place to talk.

Alexei and Loren

Loren, Alexei Reveal When They Would Leave ‘90 Day Fiance’

Loren is making strides toward her mommy makeover! The procedure got more real as the couple met with a doctor and discussed the risks of the surgery. While Alexei was initially supportive of Loren’s plan, he seemingly changed his mind after learning he had to drain tubes from Loren’s body every four to six hours, along with monitoring how much he emptied per week.

He also grew concerned when he learned that Loren had to be inactive for four to six weeks or risk popping a blood vessel or suture with any heavy lifting.

“It’s never too late to just say, ‘I’m not ready,’” the Israel native told his wife. “I don’t know if I’m ready, hearing all of this information kind of stresses me out, honestly.”

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