From religion to culture, the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 8 couples are clashing! Episode 4 proved Ashley Michelle and Manuel Vélez couldn’t see eye to eye when it comes to their conflicting spirituality, meanwhile, Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly‘s cultural differences are ignited while on their family trip to Cameroon.

Ashley and Manuel

Fans watched during episode 3 as Ashley gave Manuel a “spiritual bath” to help communicate as a couple. However, this week it was Manuel’s turn to invite Ashley into his world. The Ecuador native brought the self-proclaimed witch to a Catholic church service to show her how different his religion was from her spirituality.

“The Catholic church is hella foreign to me,” she said in a confessional with her husband, giving him a blank stare when asked how she felt about the mass.

The New York native was also visibly uncomfortable, especially after a member of the clergy told her that some things can’t be accommodated in a religious household.

The church member also warned Ashley not to tell Manuel’s family everything at once about being a witch as they would judge her harshly. While Ashley didn’t want to pretend to be something she’s not, she also learned that Manuel’s family lives closer than she realized.

Mahmoud and Nicole

Nicole and Mahmoud ended their romantic date to Santa Monica Pier with a major argument after the Los Angeles native accused him of staring at an Arab woman in a hijab.

Mahmoud explained that he was surprised to see a woman in a hijab and wanted Nicole to dress more modestly as it was part of his religion. While the Egypt native was trying to understand the new norms in America, he refused to go to dinner with Nicole and her friends after she wore a dress that exposed her back.

Sophie and Rob

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 8, Episode 4 Recap: Cultural Contrasts and Religious Clashes 3

After taking one step forward in the marriage by going on a line dancing date, Sophie introduced Rob to her friend Callum, who was visiting from the United Kingdom. Rob admitted that Callum was a “hot dude” and was concerned there was something romantically going on between Callum and Sophie.

Rob later found out that Callum and Sophie dated “for a very short amount of time,” which his wife omitted because she didn’t think it was relevant.

Emily and Kobe

Kobe and Emily continued to face cultural differences during their family trip to Kobe’s home country of Cameroon.

Kobe divulged to his best friend, Valery, that his American wife could be “naggy” and called their marriage a “partnership,” which is different from the Cameroon norm.

“My friends don’t understand that I’m not living in Africa, I’m living in America where the culture is different,” Kobe told the cameras. Meanwhile, Valery emphasized that many of their peers have gone to America but added, “At least 90 percent have never been happy.”

“I always think they’re unhappy in their relationships. Their cultures are really different from our own cultures because in Africa, the women have to be submissive to us,” Valery said in a solo interview. “But I know over there, it’s not the same, everybody have equal rights and when you can’t maybe express your rights, as being a man as an African, I think you are not happy.”

Emily and Kobe later had a date night. During the night out, the Cameroon native opened up about the conversation he had about his relationship with his friends. In turn, Emily worried his friends do not like her.

Gino and Jasmine

Fresh off the bombshell that it could take two years to bring Jasmine’s kids to America, Jasmine met up with Gino’s cousin Michelle to discuss the situation. The Panama native confessed that she wanted to leave to be with her children and hoped Gino could see the situation from her perspective.

The Michigan native discussed the situation with his cousin Dana and acknowledged he felt Jasmine didn’t appreciate him. Dana also informed Gino of the conversation Jasmine had with Michelle about moving back to Panama.

Ed and Liz

Liz’s family came to town for the Fourth of July holiday and wasted no time questioning Ed’s intentions. Liz’s mom felt Ed was “nervous” around her and wanted to know why he was so uneasy.

While Ed understood her concerns, he told her that their experience on 90 Day: The Last Resort changed them as a couple and made him a better partner.

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