Two sides to every story? Try three … or more. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Evelin Villegas blasted her friend Laura Jallali’s former flame, Aladin Jallali, in an exclusive statement shared with In Touch on October 24. The TLC alum shared her thoughts about their failed relationship, claiming he’s “lying” about their reasons for splitting up. Evelin also addressed the romance rumors swirling around Laura and her speculated new beau, Raul.

Evelin said that she wanted to clear the air after hearing that Aladin, 29, wasn’t open to reconciling with Laura, 51, because he believes that she’s in a relationship with Raul. “Me, Raul and Laura are good friends,” Evelin exclusively revealed to In Touch.

“What Aladin is saying is a lie, Laura met Raul a month ago and we are all good friends. Aladin decided to break up the marriage with Laura back in July when we filmed the tell-all … I’m still not clear about his reasons but thats their problem not mine,” she continued, while clarifying that Raul and Laura “are just friends.”

90DF Evelin Slams Aladin After Split With Laura
Courtesy of Laura Jallali/Instagram

Evelin also said, “Aladin can come up with a better excuse, but he should just come up clean and say the real reasons why he broke up with her.”

Fans were first introduced to Laura and Aladin on the popular spinoff and the couple (who have a 22-year age difference) definitely had an interesting love story. The personal trainer ended up popping the question to Laura three days into her trip to Qatar and they exchanged their vows in Tunisia in July 2018. It was later revealed they were having marital issues six weeks after tying the knot.

On October 21, Laura took to Instagram with the breakup bombshell, claiming she “lost” her marriage “due to this show.” She continued to share more shocking details while responding to fans in the comments.

“Hun when the $ ran out due to the show … so did my husband,” Laura alleged. “I told him I can no longer bring him to Canada so he was out! He has lots of women now willing to sponsor him so good luck and god bless.”

90DF Evelin Slams Aladin After Split With Laura
Courtesy of Laura Jallali/Instagram

Afterwards, Aladin denied her claims in an exclusive statement shared with In Touch. “I can confirm that Laura and I separated in late July 2019,” he shared, while noting, “There is no possibility of reconciliation.”

“First … she repeatedly broke my trust, manipulated and lied blatantly,” he wrote. “[She] sought to belittle, disrespect and humiliate me publicly in order to gain fame and popularity.”

Aladin said he was officially over it, “because she has publicly stated that she is with another man even though we are not divorced yet.”

Just one day ago, Raul also spoke out about his connection with Laura, revealing they have indeed grown closer after her move to Ecuador. Raul confirmed that he’s been helping Laura cope with “heartbreak” after her split from Aladin.

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