Maybe he does have a chance? 90 Day Fiancé star Corey Rathgeber was understandably upset after his friend Raul Cabrera admitted he still has feelings for Corey’s fiancée, Evelin Villegas, during part 1 of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all. Raul and Evelin both admitted to having a one-night stand together years before Evelin met Corey, but Corey didn’t realize Raul was still holding a flame for Evelin. To make matters even worse, Raul took to Instagram shortly after the tell-all aired to share a photo of him with Evelin, taken on Monday, October 14, as they hung out and watched the episode together.

“It’s always good to hang out with these 2 pretty ladies @evelin_ecuador @tlc_laura_jallali Did you catch the tell-all?” Raul captioned a photo of him, Evelin and Evelin’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way costar Laura Jallali, who is currently visiting with Evelin in Evelin’s native country of Ecuador. While Raul and Evelin hung out, Corey seemed to be still in the United States, where he’s been spotted traveling and visiting friends, family and fellow 90 Day Fiancé franchise costars.

While Evelin spending time with her and Corey’s mutual friend would seem harmless, their hang out session came after Raul publicly revealed his true feelings for Evelin. It was especially hurtful for Corey, who considered Raul to be his only close friend in Ecuador after he left everything behind in America to be with Evelin. Corey didn’t know about Raul’s feelings for Evelin until he watched a bonus clip from season 1 of the hit TLC series, which aired during part 1 of the tell-all. In the clip, Evelin confronted Raul after he told Corey about their past hookup.

“I think that in my heart, it was necessary to have him know what happened. And in any given moment, maybe tomorrow, someone else would tell him,” Raul told Evelin.
Evelin didn’t think Raul should have told Corey, but Raul didn’t agree. “Yes, but what would happen the moment you get tired of him? And also, maybe I felt a bit jealous seeing him with you. Like, sometimes I have hidden feelings. I don’t know what you think, but maybe I’m still living in the past. I know there was never something more than a friendship, but that night we kissed before you were with Corey, I thought that maybe it evolved and you felt something for me. The way at one moment I felt something for you. It could have been me, I don’t know.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Raul,” Evelin said, laughing. “But don’t tell Corey more things that he doesn’t need to know. I love him.” In his confessional, Raul seemed to still hold on to hope that he would have a chance with Evelin in the future. “Evelin is my crush. I’ve always loved her. Maybe one day Evelin and I will be here together in Engabao and then everything is gonna be fine,” he said.

After watching the clip, Corey seemed speechless but he asked Raul if he still feels the same way about Evelin now. “You know that Evelin is the most beautiful girl. You know, ever since I saw her surfing, and she’s so pretty and she’s kind. I don’t know, I think I always admire her,” Raul said honestly.

Courtesy of Evelin Villegas/Instagram

Corey pointed out that he’s noticed in the past that Raul likes to flirt with Evelin. But Evelin interrupted and explained whatever she and Raul had between them is in the past. “But is it the past if he still likes you?” Corey asked. “No.”

He said he felt weird watching the exchange between his friend and his fiancée, and he even said it felt like Raul was trying to break them up as a couple. “Do you actually want me and Evelin to be together?” Corey asked his friend.

“Of course. But I also wanted to be honest with her that, if they ever break up that I want to be with her,” Raul said. “But if they are together, I respect them as a couple. And I still want to be your best man at the wedding.”

At the time the tell-all was taped, Corey and Evelin were still together but they sparked split rumors earlier this month after Evelin accused Corey of going on a date with their 90 Day Fiancé franchise costar Larissa Dos Santos Lima in Las Vegas. While Corey publicly declared he only has feelings for Evelin,  it’s unclear whether Corey and Evelin are still a couple.

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