There is some major crossover drama happening in the 90 Day Fiancé fandom. On Wednesday, October 2, Larissa Dos Santos Lima shared on Instagram that she ran into 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Corey Rathgeber in Las Vegas. One day later, Evelin Villegas seemingly confirmed the rumors that she and Corey had split by accusing the two TLC stars of going out on a date. In a Thursday, October 3 Instagram Live she hosted on the social media site, she discussed the picture they posted — and went off.

“Corey is hanging out with Larissa right now, as all of you can see,” she said. “And it makes me a little upset. … That’s not just a picture with a cast member. That is a date, basically. It’s messed up.” Though she claimed not to have a problem with the Brazilian beauty, telling fans that “it’s cool” and she “loves Larissa” and “still likes her,” she explained exactly what “the problem is” with this situation. “She’s making fun of it,” she claimed. “Like she’s a freaking whore. Period. ‘Cause women don’t do that to other women.”

Pointing out that Larissa, 33, added the hashtags #coreyandlarissa and #baealert to her post, she continued, “Are you kidding me? She should be more respectful to other women. That’s what she should be, but she’s not. She’s making fun of someone else. Of a man that’s supposed to be taken. … Does she think about my feelings or something? Corey is losing it with this show. I don’t even know who he is anymore. He is not the guy I met.”

The star also claimed that Corey proposes to her in the next episode of the show and denied that she ever cheated with other guys. “Yeah, I hooked up with my ex,” she admitted. “That was three years ago now when Corey and I were not together. … I always felt bad. [But] we agreed that it was never going to be shown on TV. … But he did it. He showed it to the producers. He didn’t care. Nobody had ever done more damage to me.” Admitting that she was “getting emotional,” Evelin took a break from her phone, stepping out of the room to get water.

In-Set Photo of Larissa Dos Santos Lima Over Photo of Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber
Courtesy of Corey Rathgeber, Larissa Dos Santos Lima/Instagram

“It’s just upsetting that for most of you guys, I’m just the Latina taking advantage of the good gringo, when he’s not,” she said when she came back. “I’ve always been a hard worker. He never sends me any money. … I work as much as he works. … [But] what you see on TV isn’t everything. It’s not everything that happened and how things are. I don’t need any man. I never did need any man. … But what he’s doing right now to me is just ridiculous.”

Claiming that Corey has gotten sucked into the fame and has been trying to convince her to sign on for a second season of the TV show, she continued to explain that the man she started dating five years ago is not the same as the man she knows now. “He just wanted the fame,” she said. “As for Corey, I could not give a f–k. Realizing five years after that the person you thought was the best suddenly is just not is just upsetting. … I cannot just be wasting my time on people anymore.”

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