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90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa Declares ‘War’ on Evelin While Exposing Private Messages With Corey

She may have decided she’s done with the drama, but it seems the drama isn’t done with her! After 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Evelin Villegas accused her (former?) fiancé, Corey Rathgeber, of going on a date with their fellow TLC star Larissa Dos Santos Lima, the s–t has officially hit the fan. On Thursday, October 3, both members of the 90DF franchise were quick to deny that anything romantic had happened between them — but that’s not all Larissa had to say. Apparently, Evelin calling her a “freaking whore” didn’t sit well with her, because on Friday, October 4, she continued to put Evelin on blast.

“Hey, guys, I would like to clarify the recent events,” Larissa, 33, shared initially. “As everyone knows, Corey [likes] to travel and meet up with other cast members, and we met. We had drinks, we played slot machine games and talked a lot about life. Nothing happened, not even a kiss. I posted our picture because it was an innocent date, and we are both adults.” When she woke up, however, she saw Evelin’s video — and that’s when she decided to respond. “If she believes she is in a relationship, she should talk to her man to find out what happened instead of [making] assumptions about someone she does not even know well,” she continued. “I gave her advice and support when she [came] crying out, asking me how [to] deal with haters in my DMs.”

Addressing Evelin’s comments about how Larissa added the hashtags #baealert and #coreyandlarissa to the post, she said, “Corey and I were not trying to ‘announce’ a relationship for publicity.” Instead, she insists they were just having (totally platonic) fun. “I’m still single and ready to find my king,” she wrote. But things didn’t stop there. Throughout the day, the Brazilian beauty seemed to lose her cool — and she resorted to sharing text messages between herself and Corey on the social media site. “Do you want [a] war?” she captioned one screenshot. “Let’s go to war. Let’s clarify who you are, OK.” On another, she wrote, “Deal with your problems with your man without [getting] me involved.”

Eventually, the situation escalated to the point where Larissa felt she needed to “expose” Evelin, accusing her of overstaying a previous visa and being deported. She claimed the Ecuadorian woman had been deported in the past and that’s why she was pretending she didn’t wanted to live in the United States. She also claimed that Evelin had been caught exchanging sexual text messages with an ex. But eventually, she came for Evelin and Corey’s relationship. “It is funny [that] he [is] telling you I look like Michael Jackson when he was begging me last night for a kiss,” she said, “but in fact I thought he was too small for me, and definitely he is not my type. … Now deal with your man and leave me alone!!!!! You are the only one that broke up with him days ago because he was following the ugly fans that you hate.”

Though Corey didn’t make any Michael Jackson comparisons publicly, Larissa’s accusations ring true with the denial Corey did post online. “Evelin, I love you from the bottom of my heart; I always will!” he wrote on Thursday, October 3. “You are the world’s most beautiful and amazing women I could ever ask for. For those of you wondering about me and Larissa, we met up as friends. That’s how it is. For those saying anything more about that subject are wrong and creating rumors. Just like how I met up with David and Annie. Same scenario. Evelin is my world. I’m attracted to Evelin, not to [Larissa]. She deserves the best and I love her with all my heart.” He even added a #coreyandevelin hashtag to the post, just in case that was the personal touch that swayed his ex.

Evelin, however, doesn’t seem to have been convinced by any of the denials — or by her man’s sweet talk. “I [have] never settled for less than I deserve, and I never will,” she wrote on the 4th. “Peace of mind. Don’t believe the lies. Fame is like a cloud: It moves with the wind, some people will run and chase it like clowns. I [would] rather just watch it go and enjoy the blue of the sky.” In the hashtags, she added the messages #stopthelies, #stopthedrama, #desperateforattention, #reboundwannabe and #realitytvisnotacareer. In the comments, she told fans, “He is the worst and so is she. If a man wearing a f–king ring is talking to you, the classy thing is to [block him].” On her Story, she also promised to go Live again later in the day.

Believe it or not, there’s more. After Evelin’s post, Larissa responded again, sharing even more text messages. “This is the last time I talk about this matter,” she said. “Just because Evelin, a girl who cheated [on] her boyfriend multiple times, is still accusing me and calling me ‘hoe’ this morning for [a] hang out with a guy who told me he was single.” In the post, she admitted that her evening with Corey was actually a date, saying, “The truth is, he reached out to me flirting and, as a single girl, I flirted back. In fact, he was telling me she broke up with him. He even showed me very mean texts [messages] he got from her. So, how come I am in the wrong for going in a date with a single guy?”

However, she reiterated that nothing actually happened. “He was too short for me, and I did not feel a connection with him in person, so we have a good time and was it!!” she wrote. “As I said yesterday Evelin, he is all yours!!!! The only guy I loved in this country and I fought for was Colt. I never healed from our divorce. My heart is still in pain when I think how beautiful our story was and how the things [ended], so I don’t care about anyone else. Deal with your man and forget about me! I have two seasons. I don’t need to be associate with cast members to be relevant. … But it was a lesson to me. When another cast member [reaches] out to try to use me for his drama, I wont give him a second of my time. I don’t need this, you both do!” Check out the gallery below to see Larissa’s accusations and the texts for yourself. 

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