Did Tom Brooks hit on Avery Warner? The behind-the-scenes drama between the costars came to light on part 1 and part 2 of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 tell-all.

At the end of Tom’s segment with ex-girlfriend Darcey Silva, he quickly got upset when Avery, 32, appeared on the screen as the tell-all was filmed via Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic. Tom, 39, cut off the video on his end, and in part 2, Avery explained the reason why Tom did not want to face her is because he tried to slide into her Instagram DMs after her split from ex-boyfriend, Ash Naeck.

“I’m not in a relationship, but what happened was when Tom found out I wasn’t in a relationship, he came to me and said, ‘You are really attractive. We could have dinner together. Maybe I’m not your type or maybe I am’ … I was like, ‘First off, there’s absolutely nothing that is going to happen.’ And he screen-shotted my communicating to him, saying like, ‘Yeah we can hang out.’ And sent it to Ash and was like, ‘Look what Avery’s doing,'” Avery revealed.

Tom rejoined the Zoom chat to share his side of the story. “Yes, she’s an attractive woman. I can ask people whatever I want. I have no one to answer to,” he said. “It wasn’t me that split up two days before with her boyfriend, but hey, I’m flattered. Thank you for saying yes and thank you for then realizing it was a bad mistake to actually entertain the idea and then say no.” He also denied sending a screenshot of his conversation with Avery to Ash, 38.

90 day fiance did tom hit on avery
Courtesy of Avery Warner/Instagram; Courtesy of Tom Brooks/Instagram

As for Ash, he was upset to learn from Tom that Avery allegedly entertained the idea of going out on a date with him. “Tom contacted me and just said, ‘Hey, by the way, did you know’ … He didn’t know, actually, that we were separated until I think he talked to Avery,” Ash said.

Ash also confirmed Tom did not send him screenshots of his convo with Avery. “No, I lied to Avery. I said to her that he sent a screenshot. He did not send a screenshot. He just told me that Avery did accept to go out with him on the basis of fact there was potential for Avery to go out with him,” he explained. “That’s it. Actually, at that moment, I was really hurt when I heard that actually she said yes to going out. So to prove I had a really good motive to be annoyed, I said I saw screenshots of them … Whether it was a date or it was not a date, I think in a relationship if the commitment is true, if the love is true, this is not something you do.”

Avery apologized to Tom for accusing him of sending the screenshots, but she said she still doesn’t think Tom is trustworthy. Her ex didn’t seem so eager to forgive and forget, though. “I was really annoyed with Tom. I was really pissed off, not only with Tom, but with Avery too. Two days after a breakup, it hurts. It does hurt,” Ash said.

That wasn’t the only moment during the tell-all where Tom found himself under fire. He came face to face with Darcey, 45, for the first time since their tense showdown in New York City, which aired earlier this season. The Nottingham, England native revealed he was no longer with his girlfriend, Darcey lookalike Shannon. He also said he truly did want to be with Darcey even though their last meeting didn’t go well. Finally, Tom formally apologized to the Connecticut native for making a rude comment about her weight during their last fight.

“I’m deeply sorry for Darcey for ever having said something like that,” Tom said. “Well, guess what? Revenge body,” Darcey hit back, standing up to show off her slimmed-down physique.

90 Day Fiance Star Tom Apologizes for Darcey Weight Gain Comment
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Meanwhile, Avery and Ash ended their season on better terms than Tom and Darcey, but the couple wasn’t able to make their long-distance relationship work off-camera. The Seattle native confirmed she and the Australia native split shortly before they filmed the tell-all together.

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