90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Avery Warner is addressing the list of “10 Truths That She Doesn’t Want You To Know” that questions her parenting in an exclusive statement to In Touch. The TV personality speculates it was created by her ex-husband after she became a public figure, and it’s especially upsetting to Warner because it portrays her as a deadbeat mom to her eldest daughter, Scarlett. 

“Now that he has more leverage and people to play with who don’t actually know the situation, he is trying to take full advantage of that just to try to exert his anger towards me,” the season 4 alum tells In Touch exclusively in response to the accusations about her parenting. 

Warner, 32, doesn’t wish to share details about the ongoing court battle with her ex, but she does want to respond to some of the things that “were said on this anonymous Instagram account, and then proceed to inform more about the person who is making these evidence-free accusations.” 

Avery Warner Speaks Out About Ash After Backlash
Courtesy of Avery Warner/Instagram

The mother of two slammed claims she doesn’t “call, see or support [her eldest] daughter financially,” pointing out the allegations can be easily refuted on her private social media accounts.  

“I do not post my oldest daughter on my public accounts so that I can maintain and keep the peace with my daughter’s father. I have regular Skype calls with my daughter outside of our times together, I just posted a video on Facebook just a couple weeks ago of me celebrating her birthday in quarantine,” she explains. 

The Seattle native also shut down allegations she doesn’t pay child support. “I have proof of that, and in the state of Washington, you can’t get your passport if you are not paid up with your child support,” she tells In Touch exclusively. Warner would not have been issued a passport to go to Australia to meet Ash Naeck on 90 Day Fiancé “if [her] child support wasn’t paid.”

The list even alleges she has Type 2 Bipolar disorder, but “lies” about her diagnosis and refuses to take medications — something Warner also denies.

“I suffered from severe postpartum depression after my daughter was born which I sought medical help for, it is nothing to be ashamed of,” she says. “It happens to a lot of women, it happened to me with both my kids, and I was able to achieve a positive recovery after both. That is what his statement was referring to.”

Warner says the person she suspects is behind these accusations “has an extensive criminal history” and she wants people to take that into consideration. 

Avery Warner
Courtesy Avery Warner/Instagram

“Just a couple years ago I was able to get three contempt charges filed against him for not following the parenting plan and withholding my visitation,” she notes, revealing things have “changed now.”

Warner felt compelled to share her side of the story for the sake of her 10-year-old. “I am not writing this in hopes to change my haters’ minds, although I would hope it would shine a little light, the actual reason I’m writing this is, because I would hate for my oldest daughter to potentially stumble upon this information in the future on the internet and have it pain her seeing that I didn’t stand up for her and our relationship together,” she tells In Touch exclusively. “I don’t want that side to be the only side out there.”

After the list of “10 truths” made its rounds, Naeck, 38, also shared a statement on Instagram in defense of his now-ex, calling her an “exemplary mum” with the “biggest heart.”

Avery Warner Speaks Out Against Claims
Courtesy of Avery Warner/Instagram

“I do appreciate his words,” Warner tells In Touch exclusively. 

The TLC alum says that although “the situation with [her] oldest daughter is not ideal right now, [she has] very high hopes it will all be changing very shortly.”

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