Did Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina move back to his parents’ farm? The 90 Day Fiancé couple revealed their plans to possibly take over the family’s business from Brandon’s mom and dad, Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs, on the season premiere of TLC and discovery+’s 90 Day Diaries in March. Keep reading to see where Brandon and Julia live now!

What Happened to 90 Day Fiancé‘s Brandon and Julia’s Apartment?

Brandon, 29, and Julia, 28, shared a major life update on a March 21 episode. They explained that after the couple finally moved out of Betty and Ron’s home and into their own apartment, Julia wasn’t happy with their living situation because their space was too small and their dog, Simba, could not live there with them. They explained that Simba lives with Betty and Ron at their house on the farm and they go to visit Simba there.

During a recent visit to the Gibbs’ home, Brandon told dad he misses his parents and their home in Dinwiddie, Virginia. Julia said she feels stuck at other apartment because she doesn’t have her driver’s license, can’t find a job or go out to do things on her own without Brandon and without a car.

Ron admitted that the farm is “almost overwhelming” for him. He revealed that he and Betty, who was away at the time visiting her dad, have a house about an hour away in Powhatan, Virginia. Ron said he would like to move back to Powhatan because it’s a smaller house with less property.

“I’m just going to throw this out at you, I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time for you guys to take this over. To do this,” Brandon’s dad said. “If we decide to do this, we’re not going to live here.”

Since Betty was not there, Ron suggested they wait until she returned so they could all discuss the option.

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“I not say [sic] I don’t like this idea. I say I didn’t like a bunch of animals, I need know I change here everything what I want,” Julia explained to Ron. “This is when we’re talking and you’re talking with mom [sic], this is like, first thing you do.”

Did 90 Day Fiancé‘s Brandon and Julia Move Back to the Farm?

In a joint confessional, the Russian beauty got more candid about her feelings toward the possibility of moving back to the farm with Brandon. “I don’t give a s—t about this farm. And we take this farm only if we change everything for us, for how we want. How we want inside, decorations and everything,” she told her husband. “If we don’t change anything, we don’t need this place, we don’t need this farm. We buy our place.”

Brandon said he agreed with his wife and the couple made plans to go to dinner with Betty and Ron two days later to continue their discussion. However, when Ron brought up the idea of leaving the farm and letting their son and daughter-in-law take over, she was surprised and said that the farm was her “heaven on earth” and she wasn’t ready to part with it or her animals.

In their confessional, Julia explained that they would sell all the farm animals but keep the dogs and continue their German Shepherd dog breeding business. “I’m not sure mom [will] be OK about this,” Julia said.

'90 Day Fiance' Star Brandon Gibbs Confirms Dad Ron's Mystery Illness Was Cancer and Gives Huge Update
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“Dad’s getting older, he’s been having some health issues so I want to go back to the farm and take over, but with my mom not being on board with this plan and Julia having so many ultimatums, I don’t know how any of this is gonna work,” Brandon added. “So it looks like we got four or five months left in this apartment and we don’t know what we’re doing at the moment.”

Julia continued, “This is why it’s so stressful right now we have too much problem in our shoulder right now and we need fix this for us.”

Where Do 90 Day Fiancé’s Brandon and Julia Live Now?

As the episode was filmed months in advance, Brandon and Julia have since been dropping hints on social media about their possible move to the farm. In February, the former dancer took to her Instagram Story to share a family photo featuring her, Brandon, Ron and Betty while out for a sushi dinner. “Time to make decisions about the future,” the 90 Day Fiancé  season 8 alum captioned the snap.

On March 14, she teased big moves again. “So many changes are happening. I hope we make the right choice🤞,” she captioned a video of her and Brandon dancing and sharing a kiss.

90 Day Fiance's Julia Trubkina Hints at Future Plans With Brandon During Dinner With His Dad: 'Time to Make Decision'
Courtesy of Julia Trubkina/Instagram

The couple has also shared several videos of them as they help out with chores on the farm and tending to the animals, seemingly as a clues about their decision.

However, on July 13, the duo announced that they moved to Virginia Beach and “applied to the bank to buy a house.” It looks like Brandon and Julia are ready to put down roots somewhere new!

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