90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 introduced fans to Debbie Aguero, an unlucky-in-love, mother of two from Georgia, who met the love of her life, Oussama, online — except this time around, there happened to be a 43-year age gap between them. So are Debbie and Oussama still together in 2023? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Debbie and Oussama’s current relationship status. 

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Debbie and Oussama Meet?

Debbie is an eccentric artist from Sugar Hill, Georgia, and met Oussama on social media. 

“He commented about my artwork and he was very complimentary,” the TLC personality told producers during her debut on the February 20 episode. “We had so much in common. And he would send me pictures of his painting and poetry.” 

90 Day Fiance Are Debbie and Osama Still Together 2

After six months of chatting online, Debbie got on a plane and traveled to Oussama’s native country of Morocco to meet him in person for the first time

“I knew Oussama was younger, but I didn’t know how much younger until we met in person,” she confessed to producers. “At first I said, ‘Look, Oussama, I just can’t do this. You’re too young.’ But he made me see that it wasn’t about the age and circumstances. It’s about a deeper level of connectivity and us being a team.”  

After two trips to Morocco and years of communicating, Oussama asked Debbie to move overseas and be his wife

How Old Is 90 Day Fiance’s Debbie?

Debbie is 67 years old. 

How Old Is 90 Day Fiance’s Oussama?

Oussama is 24 years old. 

What Problems Have Debbie and Oussama Faced In Their Relationship?

While Debbie is head over heels for Oussama and decided to move her life to the foreign country, her son Julian — who happens to be a lieutenant in the police department — isn’t so sure about his mom’s new fiancé. 

“Ever since I told Julian I was moving to Morocco to marry Oussama, he’s been pretty hateful about it,” the Georgia native told producers in a later scene. “He thinks I’m going to get used and abused, and he thinks I’m gonna be, like, lost in the Sahara Desert or something.”

The couple faced conflict when Oussama told Debbie that he wanted her to go back to the United States shortly after they reunited in Morocco during the March 19, 2023, episode.

“I had expectations, and I believed your word to me, that you loved me, and we were to get married and now you’re telling me you’re not going to marry me, and this is a two-month test drive?” Debbie asked, adding that she “moved mountains” and hurt her children in order to move to Morocco.

However, Oussama argued that they needed to get to know each other “in reality” before getting married.

Debbie responded by saying that she “screwed up big time” by uprooting her life for him. “It’s like, shame on you … After three years, you have the audacity to say that to me?” she said. “I’ve spent enough time in your reality. You lied to me.”

During a confessional, Debbie admitted she was caught off guard by Oussama’s request. “This was my prince charming and I’m starting to see somebody that I don’t even know anymore,” she said, noting that he was ready to marry her one year prior.

“My expectations were you were gonna man up and now you’ve changed your mind. A man’s word is supposed to mean something,” the artist told him. “Obviously, I didn’t know you as well as I thought. I feel sick, man.”

However, the couple was seemingly on better terms during the March 26 episode when Oussama admitted he was “very happy” while riding camels with Debbie.

During the April 23 episode, Debbie said that her early conversations with Oussama over text were “wonderful.” However, their communication in person was different.

“You said that I would come here and you would love me and take care of me and you would prove it, and now it’s like, ‘Oh, shut up, Debbie, I don’t want to, talk to the hand,'” she told him.

After Oussama asked if she is “crazy,” he continued, “We’ll not do everything in one day. You are sick. You have like mental sickness or something.”

He added that he felt “hurt inside” and was angry even with her, while Debbie was left in shock over the comments.

“She just lets the inner girl inside of her get alive again,” he continued. “She is crazy, but this the reason why makes me love her — because I’m crazy, too.”

When Debbie further asked him what comes next for them as a couple, Oussama made it clear that his plan is to move to the United States, and if that does not come to fruition, then their relationship is over.

Are 90 Day Fiance’s Debbie and Oussama Still Together?

The pair looked headed for a split in the April 30 episode.

After Oussama admitted he was hoping his relationship with Debbie would secure him a U.S. green card, the artist told her son, Julian, that she should have listened to his concerns.

“He made some very cruel remarks, not like the Oussama I know,” Debbie told Julian about her fiancé.

Debbie added that Oussama seemingly became a different person at night. “He keeps changing, and it always happens at night,” she said. “I’m afraid of the dark here in Morocco. It’s like, he changes completely.”

Julian told his mother that she should leave Oussama, though the artist wasn’t sold on the idea. “I’m trying to readjust my thinking,” she replied. “Everything changed in an instant. This was a man I loved, and now he’s turned into somebody else.”

However, she was more realistic about their problems in a confessional. “I’m mourning the loss of my best friend,” she said. “Now it’s like, ‘Debbie, just stop. Leave. Go home. But I don’t know if I’m ready to do that.’ I miss my buddy, you know? It wasn’t about a physical relationship that I miss the most, I miss my friend.”

After leaving Oussama’s family home with her suitcases, Debbie received a text from the Morrocco native asking to meet at a nearby cafe. During the conversation, Debbie pointed out Oussama’s “inability” to tell her of his plan for them to move to the United States.

Oussama told her that her suspicions were wrong by responding, “I talked to you on that day exactly, you … thought that I just want you for the visa, for the money. No, Debbie. You always think like this.”

“You’re making everything about a visa,” Debbie told Oussama. “I’m making everything about a life.”

While Debbie was convinced that Oussama didn’t have “enough strong love” for her, he fired back by telling her that she never truly believed he loved her. 

As the fight continued, Debbie seemingly ended things with Oussama and told producers the experience with him was “like sticking your finger in a light socket.”

“This time to fly back to the United States, eat crow, come back with my tail between my legs,” she told cameras as she prepared to fly overseas during the May 7 episode. “Julian and Sandy’s warnings became reality and I need to pay attention and listen and wake up from this fantasy.”

Debbie added that she wasn’t open to reconciling with Oussama and shared her plan to cut off communication.

During part 1 of the season 4 tell-all on May 14, Debbie confirmed that she and Oussama had not gotten back together despite his attempts to reconcile. During their segment, Oussama admitted to calling Debbie “thousands” of times and texting her several times since their breakup. However, when host Shaun Robinson asked Debbie what would it take for her to respond to Oussama’s advances, she said, he would have to “move a mountain” in order for her to consider getting back together with him.

Where Do ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Debbie and Oussama Stand Today?

Debbie shared an update about where she stands with Oussama while speaking to Entertainment Tonight in September.

After revealing they had been in touch following their split, Debbie insisted they won’t get back together and said she “can’t” live in Morocco.

“I’ve learned from this experience and I hope he does, too,” she added.

While she doesn’t see herself reconciling with Oussama, Debbie shared insight into what she’s looking for in her next romantic partner. She said that she wants the next man in her life to be mature and have a “kindred spirit.”

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