1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton slammed her ex-husband, Michael Halterman, for asking for 50/50 custody of their two young sons and claiming he was an “equal parent” during their first divorce court hearing.

“Michael wants 50/50 custody but I’m thinking 70/30,” Amy, 36, explained during the Tuesday, January 9, episode of the TLC series. “I was the chef, I was the cook, I was the nanny, I was everything in that house. He was the video game player.”

The former high school sweethearts came face-to-face four weeks after their separation to discuss the custody of their two children: Gage, 3, and Glenn, 18 months. “Right now I have full custody. Michael has supervised visitations on the weekends,” the Kentucky native explained in a solo confessional. “And I don’t think he wants more custody. He don’t take care of them. It’s either me or his mom.”

Cameras remained outside the courtroom during the legal proceedings as a judge tried to determine custody and both parties were required to testify on what they did to take care of the boys.

Amy, accompanied by her siblings, Amanda Halterman and Chris Combs, were shocked when her ex-husband, 40, got on the stand and said he was an “equal parent.”

“I raise those kids. I made the bath waters. You don’t know how your f–king son likes his bath water, don’t play with me,” Amy angrily told her sister, before Amanda agreed, adding, “There should be no reason why he needs extra days with the kids when he’s not even gonna take care of ‘em. It’s not you gonna be having the kids, it’s gonna be your mother.”

Weeks prior, Amy learned her ex “beat her to the punch” and filed for divorce first. “I mean, I can’t really be mad in the fact to that because I’m the one that asked for it,” she tearfully explained during the January 3 episode. “But damn, are you not gonna fight for me? You ain’t even gonna try to win me back? You are just gonna throw our marriage away, like we’re a piece of f–king trash?”

Amy and Michael separated on February 24, 2023, with the mill operator filing for dissolution of marriage with children against the YouTube personality on March 13, 2023. Their divorce documents were exclusively obtained by In Touch and showed that the dad of two was the petitioner in the divorce.

The exes have been together since 2015. They got married in 2019 before welcoming their two children. The bumps of their relationship — which included a tense fight between Michael and Amanda over an ATM card — leading up to their divorce were documented on season 5 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, which premiered on December 12, 2023.

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