Teen mom catelynn lowell adopts brother

Teen Mom Catelynn
Lowell: I'm Ready To
Adopt My Brother

Courtesy of MTV

In an exclusive interview in the new issue of In Touch, 20-year-old Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell vows to save her little brother, Nicholas, 6, from the childhood struggles she endured growing up with an unpredictable alcoholic mother.

“If my mom derails again, I will step in and adopt my brother,” Catelynn tells In Touch.

Remembering playing caretaker to her mother, April Baltierra, at the mere age of 6, Cateylnn says, “I pretty much saw my mom drunk almost every day. I had to grow up really fast.”

And she may be Nicholas’ only hope. As fans of the MTV show have seen this season, Butch (April’s husband — and the father of Catelynn’s fiancĂ©, Tyler) is currently in prison for violating his parole and beating April. While April — whose troubles went on to include bad relationships with a series of men and problems with drugs — says she’s sober now and is trying to turn her life around, Catelynn knows how things could change in an instant.

“I know that my mom loves her children,” says Catelynn. “But when it comes to addict parents, sometimes they love their drug or their alcohol more than they love their children.”

She adds: “I’m not gonna let my brother get harmed, and we wouldn’t let him go to foster care if things get crazy. He would come and live with us. If I noticed him being neglected, I would step in — no question.”