Cory Wharton’s past cheating was revealed to the entire cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion during the Wednesday, March 27, episode. During a group therapy activity, Cory told his costars that he was unfaithful to girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

“Taylor doesn’t trust me because I cheated on her five years ago,” Cory, 33, said. “I regret it every day. She doesn’t trust me, ever.”

Cory and Taylor, 29, previously opened up about his past infidelities during a private therapy session on the March 20 episode. However, this was the first time the news was shared in front of the rest of the cast members. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were floored by the confession and admitted that they would not be able to stay in a relationship with someone who had cheated.

The relationship coach called out Cory for trying to “rationalize” and “explain away” his actions. Meanwhile, Taylor admitted, “I feel like Cory just wants me to get over it because it was so long ago. Yes, it was five years ago, but I’m not over it yet. And I feel like it’s not something we’ve worked through.”

Although Cory was “ready to move forward,” he also acknowledged that being on TMFR was a chance for him and Taylor to work through issues like this. “I made a dumb mistake and I’m paying for it to this day,” he said. “But there’s more to me and her than just my issues.” In a confessional, Taylor added, “I’m definitely still holding a grudge about it. I don’t forget, that’s the problem. I’ll always remember and think there could be something. It’s hard when somebody breaks your trust like that.”

The couple had a private conversation about the cheating, where Taylor hinted that she would feel more comfortable in the relationship if Cory proposed. “I don’t feel secure with Cory without a ring because I feel like that just shows his level of commitment to me,” she explained. “I’m just not sure if we’re fully there yet or he’s fully there yet.”

She also said that she doesn’t think Cory will be unfaithful again but admitted that the past still “lingers” for her. “That’s why I’m so excited to be here,” Cory told his partner. “We get time to ourselves. Let’s make sure that spark and love is going strong.”

Cory and Taylor met on Ex on the Beach in 2017 and started dating. Although they went through some ups and downs and even broke up a few times, they made the relationship official in 2019. Their daughter Mila was born in April 2020, followed by another baby girl, Maya, in June 2022.

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