Kailyn lowry

‘Teen Mom 2’
Lowry Reveals “I'm a
Survivor" After Past
Sexual Abuse


Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Kailyn Lowry go through some traumatic events—but none has been as revealing as what she penned in her memoir.

In the past, the 22-year-old reality star revealed on MTV her unplanned pregnancy, falling out with her ex Jo Rivera and her mom’s alleged alcoholism among other heart-breaking moments.

However, in her new book Pride Over Pity, Kailyn reveals more about her past including two rapes, an abortion on her Sweet 16th birthday, an eating disorder and even thoughts of suicide.

Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder, Cyber Bullying in New Tell-All

“I’ve been through so much,” Kailyn tells In Touch in this week’s issue. “But I’m a survivor.”

Once Lowry lost her virginity on a cold sidewalk in eighth grade, she found herself—a year later—raped by a new boyfriend, which led to an abortion she says her mother pressured her into.

“Those experiences scarred me,” says Kailyn, who was later raped again by an acquaintance. “But I can’t feel sorry for myself. I need to focus on my boys.”

Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Was Raped Twice, Had an Abortion in New Tell-All Book

Being a mother to sons Isaac, 4, and Lincoln, 5 months, (whom she had with husband Javi Marroquin) has helped her heal.

“Isaac was the reason I was able to conquer most things,” she says. “Writing my book helped me put things in my perspective and grow up. I want to show my kids that no matter what we go through, we can come out on top.”

The Nazareth, Penn. native, who’s memoir recently hit bookstands, will start college this fall.