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WATCH: 'Real
Housewives of Atlanta'
Star Porsha Williams
Reveals She Made a Sex


Porsha Williams is the latest star to reveal that she has, at least once in her lifetime, created a sex tape.

But, it’s not an actual tape. It’s more of a scandalous, private video filmed on her phone.

On Monday’s episode of Bethenny, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star surprisingly tells Bethenny Frankel about her hidden secret during a “would you ever” question.

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“Well, I was married and I’ve been in long term relationships before so it happened,” she says.

“Okay, wait does your phone count? Is that like a sex tape? I’ve done that. But as far as having a DVD or whatever that you’re going to pop in and watch with your buddies…No, I haven’t done that. But the phone, I work the phone.”

In December, her divorce from former NFL player Kordell Stewart was finalized. Three months later, it was rumored that Williams was dating a wealthy son of an African dictator.

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“I have no idea who he is. I really don’t know,” Williams tells Bethenny. “I’ve never even met the guy. I know nothing about him and all the sudden it’s in the press.”

Even if it wasn’t Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who sent her the expensive gifts—Rolls Royce, Chanel crocodile bag, Louboutin shoes—the 31-year-old assures everyone that we’ll know who her new man is when the time comes.

“Hey, if you’re my man, I’m going to claim you. I’m going to walk around really proud,” she adds. “Everybody knows that I wave the flag really loud when I’m in love.”

Find out what else Porsha has to say when Bethenny airs Monday, March 24.

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