Real Housewives of New Jersey star Luis “Louie” Ruelas claimed that he hired a private investigator to look into his costars. Keep scrolling to learn about his claims, find out the private investigators side of the story and more.

Did ‘RHONJ’ Star Louie Ruelas Hire A Private Investigator?

During the season 13 finale on May 16, Louie shared that he hired private investigator Bo Dietl to look into Teresa Giudice’s castmates.

While attending Dolores Catania‘s prohibition party, Louie claimed that Bo “knows s–t about everybody in this room.”

“I’m not talking, like, gossip,” he continued. “Like, Bo Dietl, who’s, like, one of the most famous private investigators in the country, one of my best friends, brought me information on each person in this group. There’s so much more.”

What Did the Private Investigator Say About ‘RHONJ’ Star Louie Ruelas’ Claims?

Despite Louie’s insistence that Bo shared information about the reality stars, the former NYPD officer turned private investigator has denied the claims.

“I know Louie and Teresa, I’ve known ’em for a long time, over the years. I’ve known them very well; I’ve been to their home for their housewarming of their home. I’m not part of this Housewives stuff,” Bo told Entertainment Tonight. “All I really know is, I like Louie and I like Teresa. Now, all of a sudden, he gets into a beef with his brother-in-law, and the next thing he opens his mouth, and the brother-in-law knows he knows me, so what is he gonna say? ‘I got the most famous private investigator – I got dirt on every one of yous.’ It was all bologna and it never happened.”

What Has ‘RHONJ’ Star Louie Ruelas Said About the Private Investigator After the Episode Aired?

After the finale episode aired, Louie walked back his claims and admitted that he lied while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on May 16.

“I was at the end of my rope,” Louie explained to Andy Cohen, noting that he made the claims following an argument with Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga. “It was a long season. Frustrating. You know, trying to get married.”

Did Rhonj’s Louie Ruelas Hire a Private Investigator to Look Into His Bravo Costars? Inside the Claims
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At the time, Melissa claimed that Teresa and Louie called Joe over to their house to tell him that she had cheated.

Now that time has passed, Louie said he regrets lying about hiring the private investigator. Both he and Teresa also noted that they don’t believe the claims that Melissa cheated on Joe.

How Did the ‘RHONJ’ Cast React to Louie Ruelas’ Claims He Hired a Private Investigator?

The drama continued to unfold in a teaser clip for the season 13 reunion, which was released on May 23.

During the reunion, Teresa and Louie faced backlash for his claims that he hired the private investigator.

“I care about private investigators,” Margaret Josephs said before Melissa added, “He needs to defend himself by having a folder on all of us.”

Rachel Fuda’s husband, John Fuda, chimed in, “Now I got your card, I’ve got connections — big ones.”

As the trailer continued, several cast members claimed they were personally impacted by the private investigator. Rachel alleged that her stepson Jaden’s birth mother spoke to a gossip blog after she was contacted by Louie and his private investigator. Meanwhile, Margaret said that her child was “called and threatened at work.”

During the part 3 reunion finale, John gave Louie a one-choice option to “admit” to investigating him.

“Investigate you? I can’t admit that,” Louie replied, leading John to say, “Apologize like a man.”

“You found (my ex-wife) in jail, brought her out and this is what you did. So, if you’re going to come to me, apologize and f–king own it,” he concluded.

Teresa was shocked by the claims and insisted Louie ” would never do that,” though Melissa announced she had receipts to prove the altercation.

After he was grilled by the other male stars of RHONJ, Louie denied ever ​hiring Bo to look into his costars.

What Has Private Investigator Bo Dietl Said After the Episode Aired?

The actor slammed Joe during a radio call-in after the part 3 reunion finale aired on June 13, per a TikTok video.

“Joe Gorga comes out and has something to say to me that I lied about I did investigations on the cast members, again. I’m telling you right now, Joe … I told you and your wife I did not do that,” Bo said. “As far as any other personal investigations for Lou other than the cast members, that’s none of your business, you little punk.”

Bo went on to claim he’ll do a “free investigation” on Joe, claiming he is “the wrong guy to mess with.”

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